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DJI Goggles – FPV Drone Flying

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38 thoughts on “DJI Goggles – FPV Drone Flying

  1. Watched this same exact video a few days ago after I got a set of those same goggles and a used Mavic pro in. I have flown with my phantom 3 pro since about the time the Mavic came out. Then I was led to believe that the only way to fly a phantom 3 pro with the DJI Goggles was to install a HDMI module on the controller and link it to the HDMI input on the headset. Problem with this is, you only see what the camera see. So, I decided to go with a Nvidia Shield K1 tablet with HDMI output and hook them to a pair of Eachine Goggles 2 by HDMI. Simply mirror the tablets screen and you have a full display. Well, tonight, after seeing people hook the p4p up to the goggles by USB on the remote and the goggles I thought, what the hell, lets try it that way on my p3p. At first I thought I had left my Mavic on. I saw an image and full display followed a few seconds after. No phone, No tablet. Just the drone, controller and the headset. So, I took it in my back yard and flew it. Works just the same as the p4p. Just cant to that head control of the camera thingy. Really ticks me off after all this time I could have just used the DJI Goggles. Unless they quietly added an update to the last firmware. So, unless I have a very special Phantom 3 pro Drone, They will work by USB on the DJI headset.

  2. The vast majority of people watching your video are looking for information on the "PRODUCT"
    Although we enjoy a bit of humor, this is not what we came here for. ESPECIALLY when the attempted humour is not humorous. That coupled with typical female vanity? Seriously sweetheart. Stick to the day job.

  3. Justine hi. Do you know if the Sony A7ii can output to these whilst shooting ? Just want to see my sony stills on a headset to avoid problems with sunlight glare on the Sony lcd screen. Biggupz!

  4. Did you review your audio before posting this? Between the mumbling & screaming, who could actually understand what was being said. The first few minutes…totally garbled? Hey Justine haven’t seen your YT videos for a year or so since YT must be shadow banning some creators we subscribe to.. Anyway, listen to your audio & make sure you modulate your voice for best comprehension. The demo wasn’t too bad. Thanks.

  5. Just subscribed / joined your channel.. great personality! I just got my DJI goggles and have a Mavic I haven't flown yet .. I'm a noob just getting started.. worked my way up from little toy drones to learn flight / controls. Yours is the best video of the experience I'm hoping for that I've seen yet. You're so lively and upbeat (and cute!) I had to join! Looking forward to your vids..

  6. Umm when u wear the vr and fly drown than how see the drown ?ummm i mean nothing is perfect nothing and yeah its realiy thru to get something u have lose something 😁

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