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DJI Goggles & Mavic crash

I was just a bit bored so I caved in to temptation and bought myself a pair of DJI goggles. Far exceeded my expectations, my last experience of FPV was a few years ago with some Fatshark goggles, Oh my godness these are a different thing entirely



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27 thoughts on “DJI Goggles & Mavic crash

  1. Got to 3 mins into this video and….. mind blown !! Thanks for showing how to fit an ipad mini 2 to the controller. Just got my MPP and didn't want to force the ipad in so resigned myself to having to use my crap Samsung android phone. You my friend, deserve a medal!
    I'll watch the rest of the video now hahaha

  2. How did you got those shots at the beggining? ( I mean i know that flying super low is how… ) but you seem to be very low, and im scared AF to make the same and crash my drone full speed into the ground!

    you've got some balls of steel!
    great shoots!

  3. lol that was funny and intresting. I have ordered the googles flown fpv with my Fatsharks looking forward to the 1080 hd from these.

  4. Hi great video thank you. I've been humming and arrring about getting these googles and now having watched your video I shall be ordering tomorrow. I've watched a few over videos and just wasn't convinced either by the commentator or by the fact it didn't seem to translate as a 'real unbias review'. Thanks again I will be subscribing.

  5. Great video, thanks for the info! I was intrigued to see you change your own camera. Will DJI sell parts to anyone? Do you know how much you saved by doing it yourself? Thanks again for posting!

  6. Awesome Vid Karl. I just picked up a set of goggles to use with my mavic air. I will be getting a mavic pro when the price drops as they roll out the mavic 2 pro. I so look forward to using ocusync and enjoying a long distance flight with the goggles. Keep flying and filming Karl.

  7. Been thinking of picking up a pair of these, mainly because I wanted to be able to pan the camera and framing the shot using the head tracking to control the gimball, while flying the drone with the remote. From this demo it seems the head tracking mode introduces a fair amount of wobble into the shot and not smooth transitions? Is that the case? Is it a setting issue? If it's unavoidable I might reconsider. Thanks for the vid, great shots in the opening sequence!

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