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DJI Goggles Racing Edition Review | FLITE TEST

DJI Goggles Racing Edition (RE) refined the previous edition and made it more versatile!
DJI Goggles RE: OG Goggles:
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43 thoughts on “DJI Goggles Racing Edition Review | FLITE TEST

  1. Pro Tip: You can rent DJI products (Goggles too but not SE yet) from LensRentals:
    Many thanks if you use our super special link above. It gives us credit to try new camera gear 🙂

  2. I own these goggles for over a year but totally missed one point
    * built in analog 5,8 Ghz connectivity

    I always thought I had to buy the dji air system unit to use the goggles in fixed wing or other models.
    One fine day I purchased a ZOHD with Kopilot and transmitter that should have a huge range and so I started considering buying affordable aomway commander still unaware that my mavic 2 goggles could instantly work.
    At that point I saw one alternative in buying a dji air system … cause it seemed a bit cheaper which it was not … and then I found a link with the googles and this crazy antenna I did not use before and thought that it belonged to the FPV Air system but in the background I saw that the truck had no digital dji cam but an analog cam mounted.

    The last 2 days I figured out how easy the goggles are to pair with the analog cam of the ZOHD and now I learned or understood what DJI means by air unit or system cause what you guys showed is the complete digital air unit with the OSD and artifical horizon and gps or telemetry. So it looks like I will be able to use the analog world in my zohd world and I will buy a used air unit cause that offers the whole flexibility and power of a dji ocusync system.

    Thanks a lot and this video ist still up to date after dji had fixed all the initial issues they had with Mavic 2 series or support of the Mavic 2 by these goggles that took a long time till spring.

    And if my new air system works great I will put it on the flite test otter seaplane in hope that it will be able to carry the weight and system easily.

    Cheers and a happy new year for the coming 2020 !

  3. The only thing you guys didn't cover was the latency using the head tracking on the racing edition versus the regular white goggles. I'm wondering if it's less

  4. Biggest problem with the goggles is there is NO FOCUS adjust. You can wear glasses – no problem at all, but most glasses, unless they are just magnifiers, have a set focal distance. Mine is about 16 inches from my face. The screens are about 1.5 inches from your face. I have found I have to wear magnifiers when I use my goggles. I am an older person 50+, but it is probably not going to be a problem for younger pilots. Only had the goggles for about 2 weeks, and I will say that despite this problem they are worth every dollar I spent so far.

  5. Great review with one exception. The analogue FPV portion of these goggles is an 'also ran.' I get a wide, vertical green line down the center of the view and heavy flickering making it unusable for analogue video. It happens when you're actually receiving a signal from a transmitting drone. This problem is wide-spead among users, so I don't no why it's not making it into reviews by vloggers. If DJI is marketing these goggles as an all-in-one, that's a big fail.

  6. Looks like the way to go for people that enjoy personal flight ability, are into tech and don't want to live with a cell phone. The crows can't phone in and distract the pilot.

  7. DJI, have released some new FPV Goggles, I not sure how they stack up to the current racing googles and if they're a replacement?

  8. wait hold on a sec… please tell me we can use that ocusync thing on a racing fpv drone and use the dji goggles with it?

  9. I might've missed it, but is there a way to cut out the buzz sound from the drone in the final footage but still pick up all other sounds of what you're shooting?

  10. They are great for us aerial photographers in Florida shooting on white beach with bright sunshine. Good video for helpful and very well done.

  11. Hi great vid , i have the RE version of the goggles and was wondering if you are it using the mavic pro or the mavic 2 ( which uses 2.4 and 5.8 ) do you have to connect the external antenna?

  12. When you're flying with the Mavic Pro 2…is it necessary to install the Pagoda? I understand that really for use with the FPV system.

  13. I just got mine 2 weeks ago and it looks different on the rubber inside. The sides have a small cut on the inside. Mine also fits horrible. There is always light coming in from the sides. Have they changed the design?

  14. Fascinating and superb video Flite Test. Good Job. So…Since the Occu-Sync can piggy back a traditional 2.4 Ghz radio, does that increase the range of the radio transmission beyond the expected 1-2 miles. Looks like an easy way to obtain long range FPV along with crystal clear video-just saying. Wonder when DJI will just come out with there own all in one long range fixed wing platform.

  15. Have you tested the new black DJI Goggles RE (Racing Edition) with Mavic Pro? If so, is the experience and quality/speed better on the RE edition than the regular white Goggles? Please note, I am asking specifically for Mavic Pro/Platinum, not for Phantom.

  16. If We Bought DJI Racing Goggles, Do We Also Need To Buy Occu Sync System??? I Just Want Goggles That Sync With DJI Mavi Drone… Sorry, TOTAL NOOB

  17. This is so on-time for me because I'm aiming to invest in a Mavic Pro Platinum system and can't decide whether to get the white or black RE versions. I guess if the white one has an HDMI I could also use it for other VR purposes – which adds value. If I get the Mavic, I probably would not need the 5.8 functionality.

  18. Honestly, I’ve been watching this channel for a while now and there is a better channel for DJI product reviews. Very informative video, keep up the good work!

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