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DJI Goggles Review | Watch This Before You Buy It!

There are a few things you should know about DJIs Goggles ( before you buy them. They are compatible with the famous DJI Mavic Pro ( drone, but what exactly can you do with them? Are they worth the money? Let’s take it to the test.

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48 thoughts on “DJI Goggles Review | Watch This Before You Buy It!

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  2. Hi, i had just purchase Dji Goggle few weeks ago, and i found out there is really a big big problem.

    Consumer purchase this Goggle because want to have clearer view on big screen, but its just not working as expected.

    1)If i want to have HD live view (1080P) on my Goggle, then i am not able to record on 4k resolution with your drone. (I am on Mavic Pro, if i select 1080p Live view, then i only able to record on 2k resolution or even lower with my Mavic Pro. So if playback recorded video with my 4k Tv then you will see there is a huge quality difference, which is not really acceptable)

    2)If i want to record 4k video with my Mavic Pro, then maximum quality i can use on my Goggle its (720p x 30FPS) ONLY, which is very very very blur, sometime i cant even saw any cable hang on the roadside, really too bad.

    Must sacrifice either Mavic pro record resolution or Goggle live view resolution, so i guess no point to getting this Goggle, im rather to buy a Ipad mini and use it. (If use ipad mini then get better screen size and also Super HD live view resolution as well.

    Hope Dji can come out a firmware which can solve this problem, i need to record 4k resolution and also have 1080P Live view on my goggle on the same time, or else i really feel there is no point to get this Goggle, hope DJI can provide a solution asap.

  3. If you connect your drone directly to your goggles with an HDMI cable you only have a two meter flight range.

  4. Thanks for the fine review, Tom!
    I believe many droners, including me of cource, will be happy to watch your review of a DJI Goggles Racing Edition!

  5. It’s to late for me now but they are great when the temp is cool but when it gets to 90 degrees and humid you do not want them sitting on your head!!!

  6. Hey Tom – I am a subscriber. One quick question: my goal is to buy two of these goggles – for clients to wear – while I fly the drone with the controller and whatever sort of screen is available to me (the drone pilot). So given all that, is that scenario possible for the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 series of drones?

  7. One thing you didn't go over is Maps, and RTH. Since I will be using a Phantom 4 Pro, I won't be using my tablet with the DJI GO App. How does maps and the RTH function differ from the app? Also, does your flight get telemetry get recorded like the app does? Can you sign in to your Go account and check your scores, and past flight data?

  8. Tried these with my mavic air… display looked pretty bad at such close range in the 720/30 mode and breakup was happening at less than 500 feet. In the exact same spot with my galaxy S5 I can go about a mile before I see any video distortion.

  9. On the SD slot I can use that to record while in flight from drone to the card? I saw another video where it says it could not…can you clarify? Thank you brother

  10. I’ve been thinking about getting the DJI goggles but came across come conflicting information I hope you can clear up for me.
    1. I have a Phantom 4. I found information that says telemetry data as well as full dji go app menus are available to use through the goggles. I also found information that said only limited telemetry data (battery ,speed, height, etc) is seen when using the dji goggles and you can not use menu functions found in the dji go app . Which is correct for a phantom 4?
    2. I found a video that said the focal point of the dji goggles is very close so people that need reading glasses can’t use the goggles unless they are wearing glasses plus the goggles. Is this true?

  11. You don’t have to rotate your entire body to yaw the Mavic in that mode. Just turn your head left or right. When you want to stop it from Yawing turn your head back to center.

  12. I have the phantom 4 and I have the dji goggles. Right now I start the phantom with a tablet and then disconnect the tablet and connect the goggles. I would like to be able to have both connected even if the goggles only mirror the tablet. what do you recommend? it would be nicer if the goggles also kept their functionality. and could use one or the other like with the phantom 4 pro.

  13. Thank you for all the great informative videos, You originally inspired me to get the Phantom 4 pro and I am in LOVE!!!! I also got the RE goggles. Can you tell me if I can connect an Ipad and the goggles at use them both at the same time? I want to use the Ipad and allow my wife to use the goggles, I realize the goggles should not be used for any sort of control of the bird but I want to fly it and allow her to view it… is this possible?

  14. Tom I wanted to but a a pair of the re googles thru your account BUT the site would not allow me to change my address away from the USA directory….Please keep delivering your informative and excellent content….

  15. Hi Tom

    Can you tell me why my P3 Pro does not have MENU on the screen anymore? Crazy! I updated the firmware. Thx

  16. I just purchased the DJI Goggles for my Phantom 4 Pro and I have to say that the fit is not what I expected at all. Maybe I have an odd shaped head but it is not easy to get a comfortable fit at all. I might want to return them simply for that alone. Ill give them real test tomorrow after it is all charged up . So far a solid F on score.

  17. I love all those selfish youtube vlogers that never responds to any of the comments, that just in it to make as much money out of ads as possible. 
    At least disconnect the comment section, if nothing else…

  18. TomIf you fly the DJI Mavic Pro with the remote using the 5.5" crystalsky monitor installed can you still use the DJI Goggles?

  19. je viens de recevoir mes goggles DJI
    y en a mare des youtuber payé ou recevant gratuitemenbt les objet en echange de bonne video
    je viens de testé
    elle tienne pas sur la tête comme beaucoup se plaigne
    elle son flou j'ai 45 ans et pas de lunette ni probleme avec htc vive ou cardboard
    et la les ecran semble a 15cm des yeux c trop prés et donc flou
    je ne suis pas un amateur j'ai plein de casque fatshark etc ca na rien a voir ici c flou image trop grande ca fais mal au yeux et il fait une chaleur au bout de 1 minute on transpire…
    PAS merci

  20. Hi Tom, I didn't get well, for Phatom 4 Pro I can only connect by HDMI cable? Or I could use mini usb cable too?

  21. Just got mine and the technology is great but the ergomonics are really, really awful. There is no way to keep them on my head no matter where I position the band or how tight I make it (and I'm not the only one, a google search reveals). It starts slipping up right away, and in moments it's loose to the point that I need two hands to flip the goggles up – one to hold the band while the other flips it up. IF I decide to keep them, and at this moment I'm really disappointed, I'll have to contrive some sort of chin strap, I guess. A very poor job there, DJI, a real spoiler. Also very disappointing is the lack of diopter adjustment, like found on just about any even semi-serious electro-optical device. I only use reading glasses and this lack forces me to wear them in these goggles. I don't need them, for example, in my early-version Fat Sharks. Overall it looks to me like the ergonomics of these Goggles were designed around the water cooler, as an afterthought. I may or may not take the chance that these glaring defects can be tolerated in the long run — or I may send them back. (Thisi is not a criticism of your review, Tom, your head apparently happens to match the hardware, and I guess your young eyes don't need a diaopter adjustment.)

  22. Great review Tom
    It's been a few months
    Has anything popped up since or has the novelty worn off
    If i spend that much money I want to be using them for the fun of flying

  23. Tom have question. Company who sells dji in my country informed me that they connect phantom 3 advanced with goggles via usb cable. Did you tried it? Second thing. Girl in dji told me that i must have connect the mobile device with RC. That simply dont work without mobile device. What is true please

  24. Just a couple of questions about buying the goggles from your sight. Where are they being shipped from and how reliable is your sight. No offense, but it is a lot of money to but from someone I know nothing about. I would buy them on Ebay, but you have the best price.

  25. I can tell you from first hand Experience with DJI! Their Customer Support Sucks! and BEWARE when you tell them that! They will Bombard you With emails I get 20 to 40 emails a day THAT DON'T TELL YOU ANYTHING! They have yet to tell me of the update on June 22nd that fixed the Metric to Feet Issue that they had….. DJI's online support will harass you with crap emails that do not address your problem at all.

  26. You should make dedicated video's for all the DJI ranges with DJI Goggles that would be awesome.

  27. Tom so many people own Phantom 4 – is gimbal head tracking functional with the Phantom 4 I saw your chart but everyone else says no not capable, it is still work in progress. Everyone just talk about Mavic, it was the phantom range that made DJI what it is today surely they do not expect us to upgrade yet to Mavic.

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