32 thoughts on “DJI Tutorials – Goggles – Preparing the Goggles

  1. I wish it was that simple, I've had my DJI Mavic Pro for a few months now and decided to get the goggles. I wish he mentioned you have to link your controller to the goggles. For anyone who wants to know…….. Open remote controller settings on the DJI go4 app, link the remote controller and a second controller, this will be your goggles, to the Mavic Pro via the link button on the side of the aircraft and hey presto……. LINKED !

  2. Ty eve can sell fridges to the eskimos, he is number one dji product ! i wish i could buy him for my entire life just for saying something and explain all i want to know xD

  3. Just do this and that, but what about the basics downloading the apps to a PC . I can get it on my Ipad ,but not the PC then do the linking.. How about a proper hand holding guide, is it too dear to do that? I am fed up of these high tech devices that have no instructions with them just a geek saying it is simple but not fully telling it as it is.

  4. I just bought the DJI goggles can you please tell me how to connect to the phantom for advance do I have to link it or use the DJI go app please help I am using the USB port. Can’t figure out how to get into the Settings page and the goggles

  5. OK! Open the Box and start using?? I don't think so!!! As with new Mavic Pro instructions, you guys act as if we all know where to charge these units!
    Get with the program Official DJI VIDEO crew.

  6. i Flew my Inspire 1 with the HDMI cable and had my tablet on 2 , worked great , but they really dont fit on my head very well

  7. what about charging them ? come on you guys , do you guys even own Dji products ? Man you guys could help us anyways , just sell for the bucks

  8. DJI said Phantom 4 (standard) does support head and gimbal tracking but there is another BIG problem. The new DJI software requires that the user be connected to the internet to fly more than 30 meters but the goggles do not connect to the internet and the hardware does not allow you to connect the phone and the goggles at the same time so you are limited to 30 m horizontal and 30 m vertical. …

  9. When I put the goggles on I like to pretend I'm Ty rocking my 6 pack abs flying my Mavic Pro.
    Who am I kidding, if I had that body I wouldn't know how or need to know how to spell Drone…

  10. I can't get my camera gimbal to move when I turn my head with my goggles on. I know how to set up the menu correctly but do I have to setup the IMU in the goggles for it to work?

  11. I have the p4pp phantom 4 pro plus, and be darned i I can get the goggles to work. I've done what they say to do, I use DJI Assistant 2 and nothing seems to work… Has anyone got any ideas ?

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