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This week Sony announced it’s new flagship APS-C mirrorless camera, the a6600, alongside two APS-C lenses and the budget-oriented a6100 model. In this video, we take a closer look at the a6600 and share our first impressions of the camera.

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36 thoughts on “DPReview TV: Sony a6600 First Impressions

  1. I need help! I am Graduating from an iPhone to a “real” camera for my channel. I thought the 6600 would be it… but maybe not. Help! What has IBS, great af, mic in, headphones out, great 4K, 24p, flippy screen… all those YouTube needed features???

  2. Can someone please do a direct comparison of the a6600 with 16-55 and a7iii with Tamron 28-75 with image quality / samples / af and noise. I think I know the answer but for the price these are the obvious 2 set ups to directly compare. I love my apsc but for the price and weight Sony is pushing me to go full frame. I’d just like someone to do a detailed comparison

  3. I want the A7 4 but can't justify the cost. Was hoping the 6600 might be good enough, but don't quite think so. Oh well, would take a beating on selling my Canon glass anyway….

  4. Why not put the full-frame sensor into this body, sony? Make it an a6/a7e doesn't hurt at all! Or make it like the bmpcc6k to be a video shooter, what's going on with sony?

  5. This camera would make more sense if there is the long rumored A6700 in development and the more advanced features are reserved for that camera. Meanwhile this one is good enough to make me a purchaser. So what is it that seals the deal for me? The combination of (in order of importance) no video recording time limit, bigger battery, headphone jack, and tracking AF. The time limit issue is huge for me.

  6. First DP Review video with smokin' hot women! Please continue this trend! The Chris and Jordan, "will they, won't they" schtick is getting a little old already…

  7. Hello Mr. Chris?
    Weldone, please review Sony a6100 specially and let's see what the stuff is made of , for that's my budget camera. I want know and see if it's truly an upgrade to excellent Sony a6000.

  8. Is there an af tracking mode (face or/and eye) in 1080p at 120 fps available on a6400 and a6600? I have heard on one youtube channel that it is not on a6400. Is it true?

  9. I'm going to get a 6400. It literally has everything but the mic jack, the new battery and the IBIs which can be fixed with a gimbal. Terrible camera for that price point.

  10. SONY MARKETING: Yeah, it's just a minor upgrade, but never mind. We'll invite all the top-tier bloggers for a big splashy junket, we'll literally stage an effing circus for them, we'll have hot-looking models to pose for them, we'll buy them drinks, and they'll all fawn all over it just like they've done at all our other blogger junkets.

    CHRIS: Bwahahaha…

  11. Well, a6x00, got finally Z battery, and flipout screen, yay! But why they took out flash, god damit? And that price…..ughh… I wish it had 4k60p 10bit.. even if in some serious crop mode…. and 30mp..
    Also, who the hell wanted a a6100? Why didn't they lower the price slightly on a6400? Are they becoming like Canon?

  12. It says it all when Sony announces two new cameras and all I hear from the reviewers is how nice the grip and the battery is. Sony give you autofocus.. Panasonic’s give you shooting features..This is a ridiculous upgrade without 60fps it’s not worth me personally buying it. I have an Alpha A7R 3 and have many APSC Sony Lenses spare and would have purchased this but for me this is a 6500 with a new battery and a few more autofocus features…Sony are getting away with murder now and I would like to bet we will never see a A7S3 as they can’t give us new exciting video shooting features.I’m sick of hearing about eye autofocus and tracking features.This is not a surprising update and totally disappointing.I’m switching to the new Panasonic S1H even through its a bit larger.I’m sick of Sony bringing out basic features that should have always been included in their camera and selling them as new features..This is a nothing exciting and totally predictable.Could understand perhaps the upgrade in the 6100.Sony used to be miles ahead of its competitors in all aspects, now their attitude is we will give them a bigger battery a bigger grip get rid of something else.Give them a headphone jack that should be enough.Youtube will sell it for us..Why are Sony only concentrating on the photography side of cameras and not video.The A9 The A7R 4 The A73 all more or less the same video features..this is really an A73 with a 61 mp sensor how dose that improve the video..

  13. The camera industry is run by multiple EA like companies. Canon, Sony etc are using tactics straight from the Electronic Arts playbook.

  14. This is not the flagship apsc camera. Sony will check more boxes with the next release closer to $2,000. Imagine an a7iii with a smaller sensor.

  15. Seems strange to test this with their upcoming G 16-55 f/2.8 (isn't that lens expected to cost in the region of USD $1400?). I'd like to see how it performs with a more typical kit lens you'd expect it to be bundled with.

    Still, it was a good review. It's clear that many of the fundamental issues I see with these A6000 series cameras have not been "fixed", or are not at a level I'd be happy with.
    The handling still appears to be a weak point, and if that unprocessed /processed RAW comparison is any indicator, the image quality hasn't really improved very much.

    Apart from image quality and ergonomics, what else really matters?

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