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DPReview TV: The Panasonic S1 V-Log Firmware Update

Thanks to an optional firmware update, the Panasonic S1 now offers advanced video features historically reserved for the company’s GH series of cameras. Does this make the S1 the best full frame camera for video on the market? The boys in Calgary have been putting it to the test and have the answers.

If you want to experiment with ungraded V-Log footage from the Panasonic S1 you can download these ungraded clips:

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27 thoughts on “DPReview TV: The Panasonic S1 V-Log Firmware Update

  1. Great summation—and yes, the upgrade procedure and the WAITING for them to produce a box with some numbers to open WHAT IS ALREADY THERE is absurd beyond words..
    But the V-log upgrade (and HLG) puts the camera into another league.
    Some comments on Jordan's comments: I Like that the vector scope is missing—or at least NOT connected to waveforms. So many times I have used the GH5, want to get my exposure in a HURRY–and what do I get, when I get the exposure and want to eliminate the waveform from the screen and shoot all of a sudden a vector scope pops up that I also have to clear off the screen! It's a little thing in and of itself, but having to do the extra procedure can make the difference between getting or losing the shot.
    Good job Panasonic in separating the vector scope from waveforms: light and color—not the same thing.

    Lots of things are missing from the GH5: true, but that's not all bad. Everything you need to make basically great video is there on the S1. Face it, how many of us shoot anamorphic and how frequently do we actually do it? Me. Never, and all I do is shoot video. 

    Is shutter angle a deal breaker regarding an otherwise great camera, with a great image and MUCH improved color over the GH5. Not for me?

    What about fewer MBPS? It's 422 10 bit, for heaven's sake!! Grades up great. If you need to torture your video more than that you need to review your fundamentals of shooting and don't need a camera like this. The economy of H.265, the ease and speed of grading is fantastic. At least in FCPX you can just load, edit and grade—no need to waste time transcoding.

    What the SH1 has to offer may be great—but not all of us need that much. And if you don't the simplicity of use, the simplicity of the menus, with V-log and HLG, make the S1 more than enough to make fantastic video for all but a few shooters.

    I worked for a musical instrument company years ago who advertised their products using FAB (features and benefits).This list was used to justify an inflated price. And people bought it. But the truth is, there were features that did not provide that much benefit. And some "benefits" were actually an encumbrance and even got in the way. But you paid for them.

    If I shot anamorphic all the time the S1 would be out. If I had to have C4K it would be out. But I don't, and few of us do. 
    So, why pay for added features that don't actually provide that much benefit for the way you shoot—and many even add difficulties and menu complications that slow you down and get in the way???

    Finally, I understand the SH1 still has two major flaws for video shooters also shared by the S1:
    Specifically, when you shoot video using MF–as soon as you hit the start button the peaking feature all but vanishes and you cannot punch in to check focus while rolling. ( on the Fujifilm X-H1 and XT3 peaking remains easy to see and you can punch in while rolling–great job Fuji!). No punch in while rolling and a significantly diminished peaking really cripples you if you have to track movement in the shot and keep the subject in focus.
    Why, Panasonic!?! Why did you do this? 
    It's almost a deal breaker….to the point when I go to do run and gun and don't want to struggle with following focus I am FORCED to pick up the X-H1 when I leave the studio.

  2. I plan to shoot a documentary in HDR. How great is the difference between the HLG profile and VLOG when the final output is rec.2100 HDR 10?

  3. thank you for the video. Can I assume there is no c4k (4096×2160) in 24p 10 bits on the s1? it looks like even with this key it is still UHD 4k (3840×2160). So if you shot something in c4k with gh5 it isn't compatible with the s1… Also, I have looked at the specs, no all Intra 400mbit. It seems they want to sell more expensive S1H models…

  4. Great video! The S1 really does retain highlights way better than the GH5s. I noticed that if I expose both cameras the same the clipped highlights can be brought back on the S1, but not on the GH5s. VLOG just put the S1 in a class above the competition in terms of dynamic range.

  5. Looks great. Even doesn't show the GH5(s) oversharpening either.
    Either getting this or the Pocket 6K.
    Does it record in 400Mbit as well? The 150MBit codec is a chore to work with.

  6. Nice & Good review about the V Log for Panasonic users. Would be great if you can make a review of EOSHD Z-LOG for Nikon users combined with a Atamos Shinobi LUTs

  7. Hey Jordan thank you for sharing the video hello from Atlanta Georgia you doing a great job my friend you and Chris are jam up team thanks again

  8. Interesting video! How the autofocus works in V-LOG? I've read somewhere that it can't focus very well. Thanks! 🙂

  9. Really interested to see what Leica will do to set their SL2 apart from these Panasonic bodies. Gonna be tough.

  10. You are selling yourself short Mr. Jordan, your presence is very fluent and natural and at least your accent is not as obnoxious ( ;P <3 Chris).

  11. Bad news – The S1 has an absolutely severe blue color clipping issue in VLog in low light situations. Blue LED lights in shadows will literally notch out the green and red channels wherever blue light is reflecting on. This absence of green and/or red will literally leave a HOT blue "blob" isolated and left on it's own. Sony sensors have shown this in the past but this problem in the S1's VLog is horrendous! Important – This artifact only happens in VLog but HLG and rec709 are PERFECTLY fine. I have already contacted Panasonic about it and they are investigating. See this problem demo here.

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