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Dragons Dogma Review – Switch “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

Karak sits down to discuss and review the Switch version of Dragons Dogma out april 23rd

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45 thoughts on “Dragons Dogma Review – Switch “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

  1. @ACG dragons dogma was a gorgeous game at leas on the ps3&ps4 not so much on the 360 do to the fact it required an update to boost the graphics just to be slightly comparable to the ps3

  2. Thank you for this awesome full extensive review. Im excited to buy this game on the eshop especially since its on the capcom sale going on now for 23 bucks!!!!

  3. I'm really looking for something multiplayer so I can play with my son . I remember playing this on the Xbox and fell in love with it .

  4. Glad to see the switch version and PC version priced similarly. Usually, Nintendo Shop pricings are brutal. Will get this for the Switch on Payday! Thank you for this review!

  5. It seems to be a good game, but the way you review it makes it sound unappealing. You could make me reconsider having a slice of apple pie

  6. hope EA and CDPR port their older games, would love to see dragon age origins and witcher 1 and 2 on the switch. and Also hope EA iron out the long ass loading of origins, even on ssd that thing pisses me off.

  7. "Everyone knows the fastest way to land is to kill the thing your riding on" Gonna keep this in mind when I fly Air Delta, thanks man.

  8. You are the first reviewer for this game who finally compares it to Dragon Age. I wish Dragon Age Inquisition was available on the eshop at the very least. Definitely a worthwhile story and gaming experience in my opinion. Super deep character content to mine, outside of running amok in the wild (although even then, after turning points in the story, the conversation seemed to naturally evolve), which I always found interesting.

    The battle mechanics of Dragon’s Dogma has held my interest for quite some time, as well as gameplay dynamics. For the price point it seems excellent. Every comment has something positive to say! It is nice. Still on the fence, yet thanks much for taking so much time to provide feedback on your experiences.

  9. Man! I got this game a few days ago for my Switch and I can't put it down. Graphics are the least of my concern when I'm having so much fun climbing on ogres, cyclops and chimeras and gouging the shit out of them. The exploration is rewarding, you really do have to diversify your party to survive the next encounter. It's not dark souls difficult, but definitely a step above skyrim, just for comparison sake.

  10. Love the game have it on both gen consoles that released it wasn't too sure bout switch buy since I've had one for a month now but seeing this made me buy it, thanks for the review!

  11. It would have been good if you started with what dragon dogma is. Just saw the name somewhere and thought I want to know if I want this game or not. For that i would need to know what the game is about. Other than that you are very charming and entertaining

  12. anyone who rich enough to hire my pawn and godsbane for farming, please?

    pawn id: 0E65-4637-900F
    platform: Nintendo Switch
    pawn name: erza (lvl 47 sorcerer)

  13. only thing that'll make this game better is online roles instead of derp Ai people following you. What i was hoping they were going to do for switch

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