13 thoughts on “Duke Cannon’s Big American Bourbon Soap Review! (Made With Buffalo Trace)

  1. i sexually identify as a soft shell crab. every morning i scuttle out of my moist sand hole in search of a molting spot, hoping to be caught by a european chef. my shell might be soft but my plump claw is extremely hard and large thanks to sexual dimorphism. My massive claw aches for a tourists penis almost as much as i desire for my thorax to become sautéed in butter. Did you know my mouth and gills are edible dear humans. I bet you didn't. That's right. You have the nerve to eat my ass without kisses. I hope the 3 sticks of butter my wifes massive crab uterus absorbed makes you feel better. It makes me feel better. As a soft shell crab, it's all about presentation. Nothing is more beautiful than a jurassic age sea insect.
    Except for crab uterus.

  2. Ha I just found that soap I’m FYE and started looking for the whisky because the soap smells soo good like leather and bourbon… smells like America.

  3. Im.grabbing my rubber ducky and turning on the hot water now !
    🐤 🛁
    (I steal say steal a bottle of wine from the Vatican..review it!) For Sunday of course.

  4. I can totally see myself finding this in a Marshall's / TJ Maxx – they have tons of gimmicky faux-upscale men's grooming products.

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