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Dungeon Keeper and Warcraft III live on in Dungeons 2

Do you like being evil, building lairs, and ordering Orcs around? Zorine and Dan check out Dungeons 2 to see if it satisfies those desires.

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23 thoughts on “Dungeon Keeper and Warcraft III live on in Dungeons 2

  1. Sorry even if i think the concept is cool, the artstyle is really bad. Compare it to DK1, this looks GAY. The art designers truly suck balls. I think, they even to scared to watch Bloodborne lets play videos.

  2. Wow.. this game looks awesome! I'm reliving the good old times of the Frozen Throne.. 'Seeing is believing'. I'm definetly gonna get this game ^^. Are system requirements available?

  3. Warcraft III and Dungen Keeper….i am not sure it's smart to throw such tremendous expectations on a game straight from the title. These are names that carry a LOT of weight, after all.

  4. My first thought was "Yeah, provocative title… well done…" and then "Wow, they actually mean it." I hope the project gets completed and released in all it's dev- and fan-desired glory.

  5. I am rather surprised that the Bronies haven't started bitching about the opening this to this video. 😛

    Not trying to stat a flame war or anything but I must say I'm rather surprised. 😛

  6. Wasn't the first dungeons game didn't do that great? Just got out of early access war of the overworld is doing fantastic so far.

  7. Warcraft III is where pandas came from, so don't complain about why there were pandas in MoP. All the lore is from the Warcraft series.

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