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Dungeons 2 Review (GameWatcher)

Playing Dungeons 2 I realised exactly what kind of evil overlord I would be. Not for me to take the Sauron approach, stewing away in my tower while a horde of undisciplined orcs make a complete mess of my domain, squatting in grubby shacks and slowly marinating in their own farts. No, I’ll have some discipline, thanks. Some class. If I’m going to rule my own subterranean kingdom, it’s going to be neat, damn it.


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19 thoughts on “Dungeons 2 Review (GameWatcher)

  1. Honestly about the picking manualy the units part isnt that bad.
    You have these nicely organised tabs on top that allow you to pick up mutliple units of your choice for whatever reason.
    Using the flag to send units out woyld be only good at the very end of the mission if i was you lol

  2. Easily the best review of this game on the internet.
    Still trying to find out how the controls translate to console though :/

  3. Great review! I was wondering how this stacked up to Dungeon Keeper 2 and the additions the developer made and got just that. I've known this game existed for quite a while, but had no idea it was similar to Dungeon Keeper until today!

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