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Ed Skrein Talks "Transporter Refueled," "Deadpool" & Mysterious "Game of Thrones" Exit | toofab

“The Transporter Refueled” star gives toofab’s Brian Particelli the inside intel on training for the action flick, fighting Ryan Reynolds in “Deadpool” and hints at why he’s no longer on “Game of Thrones” as Daario Naharis.


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Ed Skrein Talks “Transporter Refueled,” “Deadpool” & Mysterious “Game of Thrones” Exit | toofab


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21 thoughts on “Ed Skrein Talks "Transporter Refueled," "Deadpool" & Mysterious "Game of Thrones" Exit | toofab

  1. I seriously wish they didn't change him in game of thrones the new guy just doesn't come off as a real bad ass fighter or swords man like bruh he is small and just doesn't have the Foreigner look

  2. I wanna know WHY politics in game of thrones ended with him leaving the show. It just wasn't the same with the new guy, I much preferred this dude. I would guess it was related to his pay.

  3. Thumbs down. Fast forwarded through all the BS to get to the actual point which is GoT. Yet barely even discuss it. What a garbage interviewer.

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