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Elementor WordPress Tutorial 2019 ~ A Complete Elementor Page Builder For WordPress Tutorial

This complete Elementor for WordPress tutorial for 2019 covers all the steps needed to create your own Elementor website for free from start to finish with no html, css, javascript, or any other web coding experience. The course shows you how to acquire web hosting, install WordPress for free, install themes for free, then install the best WordPress page builder, Elementor page builder for WordPress plugin. Plus you will create your own professional logo for free. This Elementor tutorial for beginners provides a very detailed and complete step-by-step walkthrough of everything you’ll need to know to create your own professional Elementor WordPress website from start to finish using the super easy (and free) Elementor page builder WordPress plug-in. We will use most all of the newest Elementor 2.0 widgets as well and some super useful Elementor Pro elements. Below you will also find super discount options, lots of free resources, and timestamps to access specific lessons within this 2019 Elementor WordPress tutorial.

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Step 1 – 00:00:00 Introduction
Step 2 – 00:00:52 Website Project Overview
Step 3 – 00:06:10 Unavoidable Costs
Step 4 – 00:06:36 Please Ask Questions
Step 5 – 00:06:53 Please Pay It Forward
Step 6 – 00:07:05 Let’s Start Our Website
Step 7 – 00:07:24 Choose and Purchase Web Hosting
Step 8 – 00:15:14 Login To Your Control Panel
Step 9 – 00:16:24 Install WordPress Application
Step 10 – 00:19:05 Display Your WordPress Website
Step 11 – 00:19:50 Change WordPress Password
Step 12 – 00:21:20 How To Login To WordPress
Step 13 – 00:21:48 WordPress Tutorial Timestamps
Step 14 – 00:22:29 Install WordPress Theme
Step 15 – 00:24:15 Install WordPress Plugins
Step 16 – 00:29:11 How To Update Plugins
Step 17 – 00:29:33 How To Update WordPress
Step 18 – 00:31:05 About Your Dashboard
Step 19 – 00:31:51 Creating Empty Pages
Step 20 – 00:36:10 Access Elementor Plugin
Step 21 – 00:37:31 Create A Menu
Step 22 – 00:39:12 Set Menu Colors
Step 23 – 00:42:24 Build A Free Logo
Step 24 – 00:46:56 Make Image Transparent
Step 25 – 00:57:14 Add Logo To Menu Bar
Step 26 – 00:59:11 Choose A Homepage
Step 27 – 01:00:08 Set Website Permalinks
Step 28 – 01:01:01 Remove Search Icon
Step 29 – 01:01:47 Remove Header Spacing
Step 30 – 01:02:51 Set Footer Copyright
Step 31 – 01:03:35 Build The Homepage
Step 32 – 01:05:12 Collecting Website Content
Step 33 – 01:06:07 Royalty Free Images And Videos
Step 34 – 01:06:47 Add YouTube Background
Step 35 – 01:12:02 Add Image Text Combo
Step 36 – 01:16:33 Setting Default Fonts
Step 37 – 01:27:54 Make Call To Action Areas
Step 38 – 01:33:57 Add Accordion Widget
Step 39 – 01:41:54 Add Image Carousel
Step 40 – 01:45:32 Build Testimonials Section
Step 41 – 01:51:41 Add Parallax Background
Step 42 – 01:54:23 Using Contact Form 7
Step 43 – 01:59:32 Insert Join Our Email Form
Step 44 – 02:02:01 Create Website Footer
Step 45 – 02:06:30 Create About Us Page
Step 46 – 02:07:11 YouTube Segment Background
Step 47 – 02:14:27 Create Destination Page
Step 48 – 02:27:41 Using Elementor Templates
Step 49 – 02:36:34 Create Photo Gallery
Step 50 – 02:37:46 How To Set Color Defaults
Step 51 – 02:38:19 Add Gallery Page
Step 52 – 02:41:13 Create Travel Tips Page
Step 53 – 02:41:44 Create Contact Us Page
Step 54 – 02:44:29 Using Icon List Widget
Step 55 – 02:46:45 Insert Contact Us Form
Step 56 – 02:47:25 Using Google Map Widget
Step 57 – 02:48:48 Apply Content Animation
Step 58 – 02:51:40 Headline Animation Widget
Step 59 – 02:53:53 Mobile Friendly Adjustments
Step 60 – 02:59:52 You Finished, Well Done!

About me (Yoda) – (First Certified Webmaster)
WebYoda – (Owner)
WOW Academy – (Online Training Creator)
Web Design Training School – – (YouTube Instructor)

Come On In – Silent Partner
Sun’s Rise – Silent Partner

1. Girl Raft – SkyMediaPro
2. Egypt – Explore&Share
3. Havasu – Pavel Losevsky
4. Jamaica – Ron Lane
5. Mt Baker –
6. Hawaii – InBoundHorizons
7. PC Beach – Pineapple Properties
8. Rome Italy – Tom Hoffman Jr.
9. Bermuda –

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  2. Hi, WebYoda. Again, thanks for the video and I'm a subscriber, big fan!!! Question, why are there two videos like that? They appear to have the same content but different cover image. One is 9 months old and the other one is 10 months old. Does one have additional info that the other one doesn't? Thank you very much!!!

  3. Hello Sir,
    After i installed the wordpress on my domain. The url it gave me to access the admin panel is showing a 403 forbidden error. It says that "Request forbidden by administrative rules". Can you please help me out in solving this issue?

  4. Jeeez man, you are awesome for putting this together. So much research, time, and effort. Took my stress level down a few notches. Big thanks! Keep up the good work.

  5. What mode should you be in when your making a website/page? when you say in the video in the beginning you take it from draft mode to publish mode. But you don't say why. Can't people see it when it's "published"? I want to work on my site so It can't be "seen yet" what mode does this? THANK YOU !

  6. Can you explain how you will add to the destination tab to add another page, like Asia or whatever? You did not go into detail on how the page changed to destination Jamaica. Thanks

  7. What a great tutorial video! I'm not a beginner with WordPress or graphics but I need you for the Elementor part as I've been away from web dev for some years. Now I'm back on track! Thanks again, and I will be paying it forward as well!!! Nice resources by the way!!!

  8. hey great tutorial, big help., but why is it that when i create a website with Elementor and then save/update, then when i enter my adress manualy in any browser, it dosnt show what i just created in Elementor, it still shows the "default hello world" !? help pls anyone

  9. Hi! Around 40:18, when I get the customise menu on the left hand side, it no longer becomes scrollable. If I disable the theme, and select another one, the issue goes away. How can I overcome this while using your Ocean theme please? Thanks!

  10. Hello, Yoda. This is such an amazing tutorial! Thank you so much. I have one question about the SEO: If we could efficiently use Yoast in WordPress, would we still need to purchase the SEO plan from Hostgator?

  11. Thank you SO much for this in-depth tutorial. You are an amazing teacher with an amazing talent to teach in a very clear and easy to understand style. Thank you! Do you have any paid courses for how to learn to create websites for a living?

  12. So far I have seen only 30 minutes of it but I am already in love with the pace, style, content and all else. Incidentally for last two days I have seen some very popular videos on the subject but nothing comes close to the truly step by step stuff. Congratulations. Will seek mentorship in due course.

  13. As I said earlier – this is one AWESOME tutorial! But YouTube seems to have taken away the timestamps option! Would you happen to have a 'copy' of it somewhere that can be shared? If not, I understand. Will just have to wait for YouTube to fix the issue. Thanks anyways!

  14. When I've added the theme and the plugins, my website does not show up in the upper left corner next to the WP logo. Instead it says: My WordPress. If I right click on it I do not get the option of opening in another browser window. I went ahead and created the empty pages and created the menu. When I did go to my site and hit the refresh button, nothing changed and the menu did not show up. Where did I go wrong?

  15. Agree with everyone else, great video, very helpful. One question I have is about the theme. What does the Oceanwp theme give us or change that we would not have with any selected theme we randomly picked?
    Also, For my preference the hamburger Icon on mobile is a little small, can the size of the icon be changed?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  16. How important is the THEME choice.? Will any updated Elementor friendly Theme (I choose Blossom Feminine) work with this fabulous tutorial and all of the plugins that you recommend. I see my theme recommends it’s own plugins – I’d hate to get hours more into this process and need to yet a again change the theme
    Also is it true that the THEME choice does not really control the design so much when using Elementor .. idk – newbie here

  17. The Icons for the social media link do not show up. I have deleted and repeated your process 3 times there are just blank boxes no icons. The boxes go where they should when you click on them.

  18. What a well-planned, well-executed and well-taught video! Hats off to you, pardner! I learned a whole bunch from here. Thanks!

  19. Great tutorial! Thank you!!

    Just getting into building the home page and am wondering – is there a way to make the menu/header sticky?

  20. Thank you for this Amazing Tutorial!! it was really Helpful. I am struggling with one thing that was unclear. In your tutorial you had the Read More Button link to another page, yet i am trying to add a Read More Button to my "About Page" and not link it to another page, and I cant seem to make it work. All the info I've gathered is for posts but not for a page. Any Suggestions?

  21. Dear Mr. Yoda, thank you for your tutoring first of all. I’ve tried several and yours is the best that I have found.
    I am having a problem that I want to ask about if I may impose.
    When I follow you in your tutorial I get to the point of adding section two. I add it but when I go to try and use the add picture, when I grab it to drag it to the left side of the two sections two things happen. 1). I get the “icon” but mine has a circle with a diagonal line through it and 2) I don’t get the “blue line” indicating where the pic would be placed leaving me unable to place any picture.

    I have tried deleting everything and starting from scratch but the same thing happens. It refuses to allow me to drag anything into section two…

    Can you offer any thoughts?

    Thank you in advance

  22. Sir… I am following your instructions and things seem to be what they should be until I get to the second section… the one with two sections where in your video you add a pic on the left and text on the right side. When I click the plus sign and click the add image and instead of letting me drag that over and giving me that blue section where the image should be dropped I have the image icon but on top of that I have a circle ⭕️ with a line through it and I don’t get the blue bar where it should go.

    What am I not doing correctly?

    Thank you in advance

  23. Great training!!! It took me a few days to go over all of it but you covered it all! And You're a great instructor, as well. Thank you for helping! Two thumbs up!!!

  24. Hi WebYoda: thank you very much for this instructive video. I have one question: each time you finish a "Destination page " like Destination Hawaii or Destination London, did you go back into the Main Menu to add it as the sub item for Destinations page? Is there a way to do it automatically?

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