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English Talk – Review trải nghiệm luyện giao tiếp tiếng anh trên Testuru app (Vietnamese version)

Testuru is a technology platform that enables IELTS test takers to do the mock tests effectively and conveniently and app for english speaking practice.
+ REAL-TEST EXPERIENCE: Mock tests that simulate the actual tests will provide you with real experience and get you well-prepared for the official IELTS exam.
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+ FLEXIBLE TEST SCHEDULE: Based on technology platform, Testuru enables the users to do the tests at anytime and anywhere.
+ AN EFFECTIVE IELTS PRACTICE SYSTEM: Your tests will be marked and given thorough correction with detailed evaluation by experienced examiners so you will be aware of your own improvements after each test taken.

+ Certified and experienced Ielts Examiners are from America, England, Australia, Canada, etc.
+ During the speaking test, the user will have a live conversation with the Examiner on Testuru’s video calling platform.
+ Writing essays will be corrected and revised thoroughly by certified and qualified examiners.

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