21 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Setting up a Project – Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

  1. Brilliant foundation but can I ask – where are the preferences (eg. default scale to frame size) in PP 2018 please? Would love you to do an update on all this! 🙂

  2. Hello there! Nice video – thank you very much – can you share please, which software you are using for the screen capture of this video tutorial?

  3. I am trying to open a new project in premier pro and am running int a very specific problem. The last project I did was shot on a lightweight camera that was 480p , but the project I'm working on now was shot at 1080p. The two projects are separate, but when I try to import the files into the new project, premier pro automatically lowers the quality to 480p. How can I re-adjust this? Please help!

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