28 thoughts on “Everyday Anime Girl Makeup!

  1. Whoaaaaa! This is my very first video to hit over a million views! I'm so flattered! Thank you all so much for watching and flooding me with kind comments! Some of you even hit up my Insta DMs to let me know about the million views! Ahhh thank you soooo much! <3
    I'm currently editing the newest video, so I'll try to finish it asap for y'all! c:

  2. @Ladeathmachine if you don't mind me asking? Which group do you have on the back of you phone or mirror? That white one in the beginning . Plus your awesome and funny.

  3. Il tag you if i get anywhere through this but yesss youre amazing I really enjoyed it!❤️❤️💯❤️🥇🥇🏆

  4. Can you list down the needed products in order please? Idk much about makeup and it would be easier to buy the things first to try following the steps to your video after getting all the things I need ( pls reply sometime this week, I need this for before the 21st ^^° )

  5. "Protip: make sure you tap off the excess- OH MY GOD"
    Reminds me of that video "even the babies are dangerous so I built this cage to OH MY GOD" smth like that lol

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