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Fire Serpents in Ninjago City | Ninjago | Cartoon Network

The ninja rush to the Ninjago Museum of History to recover a dangerous scroll before it falls into the hands of the Serpentine Sorceress Aspheera.

Episode: Powerless


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50 thoughts on “Fire Serpents in Ninjago City | Ninjago | Cartoon Network

  1. Some people say "duDe hE hAS a wEaPOn" when they'll most likely be ineffective. Some people say "He knows spinjitzu" when it was proven Spinjitzu is drastically less effective without an elemental power. Some people say "he's been without a power before" but people don't get, when he didn't have powers the enemy were on different levels, now they are stronger, it's not like before with nindroids, you can't just punch a lava snake. Ontop of that, he's use to powers, fire is his literal birth right elemental power, it took him some time to awaken but he got use to it, it became 2nd nature and now that it's gone its hard to adjust in battle. Imagine, I know some of you are attached to your phones like a lot, what if it broke and you couldn't get a new one? You'd have to adjust, which takes time. Kai initially was in a bad position, he's a ninja yes but he is also human like the rest of us. So stop breathing down Kai's neck please.

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  3. hej hvordan har du det, skab en ny ninjago-sæson, det var godt hver sæson, prøv at ændre billedkvaliteten, forbedre det lidt og hold skurke som skeletter og nogle slanger, jeg elsker Lego Ninjago

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