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Finally, I get the drown up in the air for my first drone flight.
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Retired life in Ajijic, Mexico on Lake Chapala. RV Life. Projects in the mountains of central Mexico, our USA travels in a 40′ Monaco motor home, or whatever else is on my mind today. 🙂


Where can I get that Stun Gun Flashlight ????

What’s that camera with the 50 power Optical Zoom ????

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Akaso Dual Camera Car DVR …. 20% Discount for my viewers.
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Panasonic Camera

Stun Gun Flashlight

RV Water Pressure Tank

LED Strip Lights with Remote

LED Strip Connectors

Coleman Camp Grill/Burner Combo

Smooth 4 Phone Gimbal Stabilizer

Cheap underwater Camera $30

Instapot/Slow Cooker runs on my Solar

RV Flag Pole 22 feet

Victron MPPT Solar Charger

150 Watt Mono Solar Panels

Boondocking French Coffee Press

Blood Pressure Cuff

Blood Oxygen Sensor

Motion Activated Cupboard Lights

#JCTravelStories #RVlife #RetireInMexico
Victron MPPT Solar Charger

150 Watt Mono Solar Panels

Boondocking French Coffee Press

Blood Pressure Cuff

Blood Oxygen Sensor

Motion Activated Cupboard Lights


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28 thoughts on “First Drone Flight

  1. Scratch that I found a great one bedroom in chapala by the train museum for 3000 pesos , thanks a person at the legion .

  2. OH PLEASE, what is the name of that guitar music? BEAUTlFUL TUNE! Wonderful video you compiled, truly enjoyed watching it : )

  3. Well jerry im giving up after 5 days of blowing my seed money on ripoff cab drivers and uber's and hostels and realtors that wont return my calls and the people at the new rv rented the last cottage out from underneath me im going to have to face going back home with outthe medical i desperately needed here in mexico i guess ill be waiting on a cheap bus ticket at a hostel in Guadalajara so i can go home broke and a total loss the chapala community lost a good friend today.i even tried other communities in the area

  4. Hi Jc and Linn. wandering, what kind of tape is that, the white tape ? , Well you built a magnificent house in Ajijic Mexico, ,flying the phantom,is like eating tacos in your favorite place.

  5. Very good! And awesome watching you tape down those cords on top of the RV.
    1000 Watts; wow! You're good to go!
    That's some beautiful property for your family's compound.
    Love the horse content — and that praying mantis has no idea it's a YouTube star! 😉
    . . ."Avoiding running into the trees mode!" Ha!

  6. JC ..I am a Drone technitian and avid pilot can help in case of accidents or anything you may need DJI is my forte but can handle any drone manufacturer. Let me add I am in Guadalajara Jalisco just a few minutes from lake chapala. Here is my number take a note. 3317754060 Caesar Vizcarra at Helitech. REGARDS. Be advised open areas DJI behaves fairly decent watch out in populated areas with Lots of wifi signals. Things can get a little scary. While in America being registered with the FAA is becoming the law, Mexico has just began pushing for the same requirement however we have quite a bit of slack here, As the technology is not that widely used. Enjoy your Bird.

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