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Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager not showing in Control Panel Windows 10

How to fix Realtek HD Audio Manager not showing in control panel Windows 10 sound problem
Hi guys, here’s a proper solution to fix windows 10 sound problem and also, this video will help to fix Realtek high definition audio manager not showing in windows 10’s control panel. Basically, this is caused by windows updates, when it needs to be repaired and when a clean installation process is required.
Don’t worry, by following this tutorial, you can easily get the solution for Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing Problem in windows 10.


🔊Realtek High Definition Audio Driver –


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27 thoughts on “Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager not showing in Control Panel Windows 10

  1. please help me if you can, my microphone isnt working properly or atleast not how i want him to work, so for example, I started recording in audacity and it didnt record my voice, but when i was recording and while that some video was playing on yt it recorded the sound that was on video, so not my voice, the audio of that video from youtube, how can I fix that?

  2. for me when i am in the update drivers part, i have a LOT of options, some realtek audio, some realtek high definition audio and some realtek high definition audio (SST) ? any recommendations?

  3. Hi, I have an Asus Maximus XI Hero with the latest ALC1220, but this chipset is not listed in the Realtek's download page, where I can find it?

  4. I couldn't hep but notice that it still only showed stereo speakers. My search for how to set Windows to 7.1 continues

  5. Thanks m8 this has been bothering me for months. I got the download from my motherboards manufacture but your video showed me exactly how to install it.

  6. Just so you know., the link you have for this in the description- Google says is not safe. :🔊Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

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