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Flying Mavic 2 with DJI Goggles

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When the DJI Mavic 2 came out, many people wondered if the new video transmission protocol – OcuSync 2, would work with the DJI Goggles and DJI Goggles Racing Edition. Good news – it does! In this video we take you through how to update your firmware and get the goggles synchronized with your new Mavic 2!

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21 thoughts on “Flying Mavic 2 with DJI Goggles

  1. This is such bull@@@t!!!
    The Mavic 2 and the goggles are not totally compatible.
    1. Smooth mode is not functional
    2. Intelligent flight modes are not functional
    3. Distance is under 1500 feet at best
    I have the Zoom and just baught a brand new pair of the RE goggles 👎👎👎👎
    Just google mavic 2 and RE goggles if you dont believe me! I wish I would have googled them before watching this video the first time!!! The goggles are getting returned and DJI customer service SUCKS!!!

  2. I have the normal googles but was looking at the RE googles. If I already have the normal white dji goggles, is there any reason for me to upgrade to the racing edition dji goggles? any benefits? Or am I just wasting money getting nearly the same set but with analog and a little less latency? if you had to do it again, would you end up with both the normal white dji goggles and the dji RE goggles? (btw – I fly a mavic pro (original version) and spark when flying AP drones.

  3. excellent video !!
    can you please tell me if my sole purpose would be using the googles with dji Mavic 2 pro, is it the same to buy RE edition than the white one edition in terms of specs? thanks so much in advance

  4. Welp, for all of the marketing hype about the abilty of these goggles to receive 5.8Ghz analogue, it's a big fail. The analogue FPV portion of these goggles is an 'also ran.' I get a wide, vertical green line down the center of the view and heavy flickering making it unusable for analogue video, so if DJI is marketing these goggles as an all-in-one, that's a big fail. I notice all of the DJI fan boy reviewers are omitting this wide-spread problem.

  5. Thanks. I had the RE goggles on order and suddenly realize that the Mavic 2 has ocusync 2.0. I'm glad it only takes a firm ware updat to make the two compatible. That tells me that possibly the Mavic pro can be flashed to work with the smart controller

  6. You noted a difference in the ? quality of the view between the two goggles but there was no comment overall on which goggles are better etc… try again

  7. Thanks for the video…. I would like to get a pair for my M2Z… Which do you recommend? The Racing Edition or the original? Seems like they're both pretty much the same except for maybe more options with the Racing Edition with respect to other drones?? Not sure…. can you control the camera by turning your head when you're using the goggles? Can a second person wearing the goggles do that if your using your phone also to view?? Thanks in advance for your response…

  8. Thanks for the vid but I agree it would be handy to see the image you are seeing in the goggles to understand fully what’s going on

  9. Very good review!!
    Is it possible to make the gimbal movements more smother using the headtracking with the RE version? Changed gimbal expo´s works also if used with the googles?
    I want to use the smartcontroller for me as the pilot and the googles for a cameraman moving the gimbal.

  10. He does not make a clear breakdown of the two products and the differences. This video sucks. Thanks for wasting my time.

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