39 thoughts on “Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 3 | Game Revealed (HBO)

  1. The most badass thing of that whole season was when the Darth Raki went into the dark and u hear nothing and there swords just go out lmao ! Only thing I enjoyed in season 8 !

  2. Sucks these guys put in all that hard work..really wish I could see what was going on in the episode..WAY TO DARK

  3. The most useless character in this episode is Sansa, who SAYS I WONT ABANDON MY PEOPLE but runs down to the crypt immediately after saying it. And the dagger Arya gave her?
    She doesn't know how to use a knife? Sansa is a spoiled bitch & a coward. I She always has been. I hate what Dumb & Dumber have done to the characters this season. Dany has been strong & brave. She so deservex to be Queen. The writers have turned her into a psychotic maniacal killer. This is NOT Daenerys.

  4. Good work everyone behind this episode this is my favourite episode in the entire series with time it will become iconic despite initial negative reviews there are thousands of comments here letting you know your work time and dedication is appreciated and celebrated around the world.

  5. Everyone is proud ? The product that was achieved was amazing? No amount of money could ever buy.? Piece of hog fecal matter ending with the idiots selling out for 20 mill by rushing the ending

  6. "we knew for 3 years it would be Arya to kill the Night King but did absolutely zero to give her any personal stakes or motivation for it. Imagine if Lando showed up at the end of Jedi and killed the Emperor. Essentially that."

  7. It was a great ending to a very weak season. At least the Starks got all the power. I hated Dany so I'm glad she didn't win shit lol

  8. Everything is perfect , the sound , the costume , the acting , the music , the visual effect , I respect all these people who worked hard for this greet show , but , im sorry , the script is a shit !

  9. Arya and the nightking… ugh. This is Game of Thrones not the Starwars prequels with over-the-top one-liner style tryhard 'slick' combat of characters leaping through the air then do some stupid drop and catch with her weapon. The last poncey fighter rightfully got his eyes pushed in and his head exploded. GOT was visceral and brutal, fights are about survival not trying to look 'cool' to 12 year olds so you can sell action figures. Further, Arya killing the nightking was a horrible choice. I love her, but her path was the Names, getting revenge on the PEOPLE who wronged her and assassinating them as retribution, not being some uber-ninja mary sue girl power idol.

  10. You know what would have been epic is Arya and Jon fighting against the night king together and the night king would almost overpower them both in strength and with Jon's and Arya's skills they both kill him with their Valyrian steel weapon at the same time !!!

    That would truly have been epic

  11. I think Tyrion or Jaime was should azhorAhai because tyrion killed his love and everytime Jaime save All people…… Arya chapter connects with not with night king

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