21 thoughts on “Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 3 | Preview (HBO)

  1. Just watched yesterday night for the first time (bought the dvd box) and, damn, what an amazing episode, very tragic, gruesome and… dark. Yes there are a lot of complaining about the lack of lightings and bad lights that make difficult to notice battle details, it was the same for me however i managed to enjoyed it anyway, i think all this dark gives a better vibe to the battle, after all this is the "Long Night". Also, i don't know if just me but this battle reminds me Dragon Age Origins final battle against the Darkspawn. lol

  2. I hope after posting this preview trailer, HBO accidentally deleted the episode 3 to 6 because this is the part where all the excitement ends.

  3. You can say whatever you want and you may be right but this episode s hype was so fucking unbelievable. I never remember longing for an episode this much in my life waking up 4 fuckinng am in the morning to watch one. And must admit in terms of horror and suspense it was astonishing

  4. Night King: You have awful military tactics, you know that?
    Alliance: You have an awful face!
    Night King: Dam, that’s cold

  5. Bitch, 82 minutes a whole movie what were y'all expecting ? The Night King to go on for another Episode. It's not like he was the one villain alive. I wanted Cersei fucking dead more than the night king

  6. I found it so stupid that instead of making random ass weapons they didn’t fix the spears of the unsullied. They could’ve saved so many men if they gave the larger numbers the weapons

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