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HCG – The Results Are In! 💉

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After a blood test on Thursday, the results are in.

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21 thoughts on “HCG – The Results Are In! 💉

  1. Just wondering, and I don’t mean any disrespect, why are you in such a rush to get pregnant again? You’re both so young still and with your anniversary holiday coming up in September, wouldn’t you rather not be pregnant and possibly dealing with sickness and stuff while you’re away? I don’t know. I mean if I was you, I’d be giving my body a break and some time to recover and be planning on trying to conceive on my anniversary holiday! I’m not criticising you in any way, just curious x

  2. The flowers will get bigger and better keep taking off the flower heads and they grow much quicker lavender ( comes in pink white and different shades of purple on eBay ) bleeding hearts and those dove orchids are lovely and keep growing back year after year x

  3. Dieta HCG-Sublingual-mais forte que o injetável-Seguro e eficaz- Envio para o Brasil !

    Promoção no mes de Junho- Sublingual 2 kits 23 dias , compre junto com uma amiga ! Melhor custo benefício !

    Deseja o livro Dr Simeons, criador da Dieta ? te envio pdf -WHATSAPP 12) 98142-7165 -Uriel – Novo número !!

  4. My son is Daniel and he’s my world he has autism and severe learning difficulties he also got bowel problem s and epilepsy. He’s 22 now and has gone through so much but is the most loving and kind and happy boy in the world. Daniel is from the bible meaning god is my strength. Xx

  5. Get some plant food , baby bio. Fill up your watering can and water them twice a day in the morning and night for a week and see what happens.

  6. They are English pancakes and the smaller fat ones are American pancakes English goes with lemon and the American go with maple ……… there not dying there looking very healthy in a month you won't believe how many flowers you will have ! …. your viewer to subscriber ratio is amazing,,,,, this was one of the best vlogs very amusing great to watch xxx

  7. I wear socks with flip flops but only when I wear toe socks. Socks that wrap around each toe. Toe socks r my favorite kind of sock.

  8. Your flowers are growing, you need the dead blooms removed so they can bloom more don’t pull them up they are doing fine

  9. Just pull up the old flowers off fresh flowers will grow as the plant itself is still alive. Thinking maybe putting a dome over the memorial baby garden to protect them from the heavy rain. Make it out of wire then cover in a plastic then you can remove it on days that are warm and also when it needs watering when its raining. Loving watching your family vlogs and loving you's. xxx

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