47 thoughts on “Hellboy: Ed Skrein Leaves In Protest Over Whitewashing

  1. IDK if any of you remember this but they tried to cast a white kid as Goku you guys remember that movie?? i just think the characters in any comic, manga, or cartoon is better off being cast as its original race/ethnicity the founder of the character have the right idea of the character to begin with and the fan love the character for who and what he/she is, this isn't whitewash at all if were being completely honest with each other, this is just like every other work you get hired for the role either because you are recommended, family, friends, etc. Just like how a 4 years degree can never compete for a role in a company with the son/daughter of owner of that company even if that son/daughter never even finish high school this is just the sad truth of life 😀

  2. Love ED and I think it was ridiculous for people to hate so much and be so extra PLEASEEEE PEOPLE let’s not forget “GHOST IN A SHELL” all Asian movie with the main character being white 😉

  3. Oh whatever-he is just another nutless PC drone! No one seems to mind when non whites are cast in white rolls-just raging hypocrites.

  4. Maybe skrein should be abe. I mean they did Simalar with the acent one. But there was conditions to that. But I think yeah. Might have been a good move

  5. What about when they completely change white characters? Ie iris west, Ben ulric, baron mordo, and so on. It goes the other way all the time. It just doesn't get publicity because it doesn't get clicks so people don't write about it.

  6. If they can cast a black guy as johnny storm, I'm sure it would be fine for people to cast a white guy as "mixed Asian" guy.

  7. Lol, some scared white boys here who are afraid they won't get laid anymore if they lose their white privilege. Come on, guys! Grow some balls and rely on yr own skills. Stop dragging non-arguments like hypocrisy and black-washing into this.

  8. Its so strange with how pissy people get when a white actor is cast as a non white character, but when a white character is cast as a white character, people get pissy that a white actor was cast (Iron Fast)

  9. I think its a very wise move for Ed, I assume the black actress who's playing the redheaded Scottish girl is going to step down next?

  10. See this is what happens when Hollywood starts to lose creativity. Tbh I would second a remake of every classic/Iconic movie title with a character  that is not the same ethnicity as the previous

  11. You guys are smart to stay away from this comment section because it's nothing but a shit storm of racism. But I absolutely commend you on speaking your minds and saying that there is a serious under-representation of Asian actors/actresses, which can be said of all minority groups, really. Racism is a hard subject to discuss, but it is REAL.

  12. I have nothing but respect for Ed Skrein in making this decision. He stuck to his values despite knowing that he's losing out on a role in a big movie. Whitewashing is ABSOLUTELY a problem and he knows it.

  13. If a movie is aesthetically pleasing, a viewer WILL suspend their disbelief/attention to reality while watching it. If you can't turn off your 21st-century social justice radars for two hours to watch a fictional film for the sake of fun, it means either 1) the film is so deliberately postmodern or agitprop its aesthetic qualities sabotage themselves or 2) you simply lack the basic personal aesthetic sensibilities necessary for enjoying good art of any kind.  Put another way — if you can't enjoy Shakespeare for the sake of the play itself, then that's a personal defect of your own, not of William Shakespeare.  Same goes with music.  If you can't enjoy the music of Miles Davis or Mozart or the Beatles for the sake of the music itself, then that's a personal defect of your own, not of the composers themselves.  Reducing art to politics results in the Death of Art.  And without art, the ability to critique the very category of the political itself, and to free the individual from the merely political, becomes impossible.  This is one of the most powerful, refreshing, and liberating truths of art — the meta-political possibility that things DON'T always have to be fucking political.  If you'll blanketly reject a film in advance, without having watched the movie at all, simply because you happen to not like the skin color of the actors on your screen, that's some deeply unacknowledged racism on your part.

  14. "if you find yourself on the opposite side of the nazi's you must be doing something right" – ever read about joseph stalin?

  15. So where are they going to find a 7 foot, horned red dude to play the lead????? It's a fantasy, comic, film (in other words – not real 😲)
    It wasn't referred to as 'blackwashing' when Samuel L Jackson played Nick Fury and nobody cared because it was one of our generations best actors playing a role brilliantly!?
    Fact is, when it's fictional then why does this matter? Surely it's racist to restrict certain races from a role due to skin colour n not ability?

  16. Any and all characters Should be perfectly represented as they are created. They shouldn't whitewash or be racially biased. I'd be pissed at this just like I'm pissed at the fact that they completely fucked up deathnote.

  17. The TV Show "Kung Fu" was conceived with Bruce Lee in mind. But racism would not allow for a Chinese lead character. So we got David Carradine instead and he knew NOTHING about Kung Fu. Such a pity isn't it?

  18. I'm of at least 5 lines of heritage including Japanese & I look either Caucasian or (due to style choices on my end) somewhat Hispanic(no blood there in my family)

  19. Just have the courage to say it: this decision is stupid. That's not racist to be white and play an Asian guy. It's not a real man, it's a character from a fantasy world. You can do whatever you want. You can have a Black James Bond for exemple.
    I mean, I'm not white but I perfectly understand the stupiness of the situation. Just have the courage to say it ! You won't be called 'Nazis' or 'Racists'. (sorry for my English, it's not my tongue).

  20. why can't they just stay true to the character? why do they always have to change things. Deadpool 2's Domino!! let's just hope her performance outshines the fact that SHE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE DOMINO.

  21. I will never watch this remake…it's racist
    The original one was so cute, it's strength was it's charm, charm is natural…can't be fabricated

  22. Black human torch? I didn't see the movie but this is true! Black Annie. Female Ghost busters… Acting is acting, it's fantasy but I hate hypocrisy! BUT why cast this actor??? he's a name, someone from something like it…it's not a white thing! Hollywood is run by robots, these movies are robotic, they don't care about feelings…it's about filling seats.

  23. People are going to complain about anything, but there aren't enough people who are educated with a voice to point out the facts or fallacies in the argument.

    I don't think people noticed the return of Morita in Spider-Man: Homecoming as the Principle. Kenneth Choi also played his Grandfather/Great Grandfather in Captain America. But, if they cut his scene from Homecoming, I bet you would've heard about it.

  24. My kids are half white and half Asian and they look like a regular light skinned white or Hispanic kids, brown hair, light brown to white skin (My boy is whiter due to a video game addiction which prevents him from leaving his computer/PS4). They had the local kids in CA trying to speak Spanish to them and , yeah. Ed could have played this role without any issues. Oh my kids are not rice eyed either, bummer though, that would have been awesome.

    Scarlet did a great job with Ghost in the shell. The script had the race of the Shells change and the characters went from Japanese to Anglo. I think that was a cool move. They didnt white wash the characters as so many cried foul, but the script changed the race of the two Shells. So scream at the writers and producers. And I thought Ghost was an incredible movie. Hope for number 2

  25. there's other movies that change the race of the character compared to the source material. it happens and it's not just white people, you have black people playing white people roles. look at the human torch, domino,iris west from "the flash", L from deathnote and many others. i just find it unfair that people will tear actors or film producers about racial character choices and say "white washing" when it's not just white washing. i personally don't care whether a character's race has been tweaked in some way, sometimes it can work out. look at nick fury from the marvel universe , worked like a motha-fucking charm. my point is that people jump the gun too quick and spread their hate and call the choices made racist when a white actor plays the role of a minority or what-not, but you don't hear anyone crying when a black actor does the same. fucking double-standards.

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