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How to Add Titles and Meta Descriptions with the Yoast SEO Plugin

Learn how to add titles and meta descriptions using the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.

We will go through how to use the bulk editor as well as how to add the meta data to a specific page.


Hi. In this video we’re going to talk about how to do titles and meta-descriptions using Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. As you can see, I’m already logged into the dashboard of this website. On the left-hand side you can see there’s an SEO tab, and if you want to do the title and meta-description of the home page, if that’s where you’re starting, we’ll click on titles and metas. Then we can go homepage, and we want to make sure that every page is unique, so typically the homepage is going to be the brand, and maybe their main keyword. We’re just going to, “helping you live in financial excellence.” Its to say financial excellence is what we’re trying to optimize for. I’m going to save changes.

This just did the title and the meta-description which will show up in Google when people are searching for financial excellence. Assuming that this is optimized appropriately.

The cool thing about Yoast, if we go down to tools, and you go to bulk editor, you can actually edit multiple titles and descriptions at the same time. Lets just say that we wanted to change this one right there. We’re going to change it to young doctors in massive debt. I’m just changing, instead of having that comma there. Hit save.

As you can see, boom, it just saved it like that. You could go through and do 10 at the same time, so just go and put the new one and hit save all and it will save all of them. You can also do the same thing for descriptions. You can go through and fill out all the descriptions and then hit save all or save one at a time.

That’s the cool part about Yoast, is you can do that bulk editor function, but you could also, like other SEO plugins, you can go to the page that you want to put a meta-description and title on for. You’ll see that there is a little box, a Yoast SEO box here, and you can put in … they do this focus keyword, I’m not a big fan. You can put in financial coaching.

The reason why I’m not a big fan is, you’re not going to necessarily have the exact match keyword. Lets just say the keyword was financial coaching Phoenix. We don’t want to have that within the text, its just not natural looking. That will throw off this Yoast plugin, but if we just put in financial coaching, as you can see its in the article heading, page title, the URL, in the content and the meta-description. For our purposes, that looks good. I’m going to hit update.

Now you’ll see there’s this little green indicator over here that says SEO’s in good order. That’s what you typically want. Let me just show you real quickly, you don’t want … Yes, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Really, you want to be very particular about what your keyword is that you are targeting. For us, its going to be financial coaching on that page. You can see that its in the title, you can see that its in the meta-description. The title is less than 60 characters, and that the meta-description is less than 160.

That is how you do meta-descriptions and titles using the Yoast plugin for Word Press.


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25 thoughts on “How to Add Titles and Meta Descriptions with the Yoast SEO Plugin

  1. It is now called "Seach Appearance" then go to "Content Types"… the Bulk editor is the same, dont worry guys!

  2. Hi Thanks for the video. However i am facing a problem. The Title in google search engine shows as "Your SEO Optimised Title". Please help, i am unable to fix this

  3. Bizarre I find the article SEO information completely false. I have "focus keywords" in the meta-description, I have them in the article, I have links and it says they are missing! Stupid plugin!

  4. Hi, when I go to the home page tab I don't see the title template or meta description, all it says is home page & front page and a link to edit the front page itself. I have heard that for seo to work editing the home page itself is not going to work?

  5. Hi Deacon,

    I'd like to start off by saying "Thank you" in advance for the help you will provide me regarding my issue.
    So the problem is that whenever I copy & share the URL of any of my wordpress blog articles to any social media's; facebook, twitter, the snippet preview is showing a generic "About Us" meta description and my "Website/Company Name" as a title.

    I'll provide some more information:

    I hired a developer to design our wordpress blog to look and have the same header and footer as our eCommerce store. Also, the overall design should also look like our eCommerce store. Everything was setup and working good but after a few weeks i noticed when I started to directly share my wordpress blog articles on facebook, the snippet preview is showing my Website / business name & the meta description is showing the "about us" section of our store. I tried other articles and it's all the same. I contacted the developer but unfortunately he hasn't replied for almost 2 weeks now. I installed Yoast SEO to try and fix it and configure it but unfortunately it still has the same issue. After some extensive research I found out that it has something to do with the header.php or <head> part of the theme or codes? I have a few knowledge about fixing this and with clear instructions I can eventually fix this but I don't know where to find it or where to go.

    Do you think Yoast SEO can bypass this codes? I have setup everything correctly and have added unique titles & descriptions to each article post as you've shown in the video but still it didn't fix the issue I have. Is there a way to use Yoast to show the unique titles & descriptions I've added to show whenever I share the article posts to any social media sites?

    Joseph S.

  6. Yo guys if you can't see these options DON'T STRESS.

    Just follow these steps:

    1. Click SEO on the left hand menu in dashboard
    2. Click Dashboard
    3. Click features tab
    4. Ensure advanced settings pages options is enabled


  7. Hey Deacon, did you purchase the premium YOAST SEO tool? The SEO tool I have do not have all those options in the box: Readability and Keyword two options.

  8. When I go to Titles & Metas there is nothing to edit or enter text. There's also nothing for bulk… (so confusing for someone learning ). Is the Yoast I have a newer version perhaps that's removed these options? Thanks

  9. the problem with this option for me is that will create duplicate meta description for pagination, i use main home page as a blog posts, and i have more pages, and it will creeate duplicate meta descriptions for all sub-pages, at least on google webmasters will see all pagination as a duplicate meta descriptions.
    U know how to avoid that, beside changing my site structure?

  10. What have they done!!! This new version is terrible. I cannot find the title and meta description at all. Crap!!! The old version was perfect as seen in this video. Can you do a video on the new version. I am going to uninstall yoast now.

  11. This video was a huge help. Thanks Deacon for doing this. Even being technical it's funny how things can be right in front of your face and you still don't realize it. lol. Thanks again!

  12. This is an old version of Yoast.  I have the new one with the snipet and can't figure out how to add my meta description.  I HATE the new version!

  13. Deacon help! When I go to add a meta description in the actual post pages, I don't see the same Yoast menu bar anymore (like in your vid). All I have now for some reason are three categories with that little "traffic light icon" at the top left. The other menu with the Meta description box at the bottom USED to be there. I'm sure I'm missing something here! Thanks for some really well done educational videos.

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