43 thoughts on “How to do a proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCt) Explained Steroids SARMS (Part 1) hcg

  1. How about you Show us waht we should watch out for blood Work everyone Talks about getting a bloodworks but Nobody tells us waht execly wahts enough . Test,esteogen,colesterol,igf1????? Or should we Take more Hormons in? I was at the doc and he Had a booklet wiht 1000x you can Test youre blood.

  2. In the uk you can legit just search “where to buy Nolvadex online” and like 600 no prescription vendors near me come up lol. No big guys for me

  3. the funny part is that here in greece we can have nolva clomid arimidex aromasin etc without a doc prescription so pct is easy to be foundddd

  4. Greg says he's not a veterinarian, pfft – a NON animal doctor doesn't have 4 cats, 4 dogs, and 6 sugar gliders!! EZ an animal doctor, AT LEAST

  5. Its totally wrong,.. you must run HCG during your cycle this way you never shut down your test production also many time your receptors never respond after long cycles or for some people so its better to never let it shut down!,.. then you can have clomid or nolva after your cycle,…

  6. Man Going To Do A Nine Week Cycle Of MK 677 And MK 2866 So Basically Have Done Four Weeks At 10MG And 12MG Then Two Weeks At 20MG And 24 MG And This Is My Third Week At 20MG And 24MG How Should I Do The Last Three Weeks Man Should I Decrease It Or Keep It At 20MG And 24MG Or Do Four Weeks At 20MG And 24MG Then Last Week At 10MG And 12 MG Man What Would You Reccomend For My Last Three Weeks On How To Do It As I Dont Want A Drop In Test And Be Tired Excetra And Would I Need A PCT After A Nine Week Cycle Thanks Man Your Advice Would Help Man Thanks Man

  7. First time I ever used gear, I did exactly that. I went up to this monster at the gym and followed him to his car: “hey bro. I wanna get big like you.”

    Monster: “you a cop bro?”

    Me: “man hell no”

    Monster: “follow me to my pad lil bro”

    That’s seriously how it went down lol

  8. Need advice please! Got 5000iu of hcg and it came with 1 ml of bacteriostatic water. I thought the ratio was supposed to 5ml of bacteriostatic for the 5000iu? So do I need to get more bacteriostatic water to mix or should I take a lower dose (cause I assume it would be concentrated) than the 750 first day etc…. I wanna do my pct right and was supposed to start it today, and then I find this shit in the box. So little confused…..

  9. How much dosage of HCG should I inject? I had taken Dianabol 200piills, Anadrol 96pill, Anavar 90pills and Testosterone Enanthate 1 and hlf vials for 24weeks. I doning PCT right now. however Libido is down and ED(it still erect however not as hard as before Jucing) came up.

  10. ypu dont have to wait for test to get out of your system to start hcg. hcg bypasses the negative feedback loop as it mimics lh.
    on other words, even though your pituitary isnt secreting lh (you are shutdown), your testes do work as hcg works just like lh.

  11. Hahaha!! I love this guy! His intros are so hilarious how he defends himself 🤣.. Great content… And ENTERTAINMENT!😆

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