49 thoughts on “How To Install & Activate Windows 7 Professional 64 Or 32 Bit (2016/2017)

  1. Hi, I'm trying to downgrade from Win 10 to Win 7m and I did exactly as you said, but I get this when I try to install it "Windows could not update the installation files. To install Windows, close Setup and restart the installation. Error code 0x0".

  2. I activated windows, then too I often get messages that you windows is not genuine and my os lags too. Please help me.

  3. Windows 7 Pro Sp1 X64 Volume License May 2019 Team-LiL iso installer image

  4. thanks a lot men. but why is that some drivers are not installed? how can i access internet without ethernet controller?

  5. for anyone who is reading the comments to see if it works it doesn't. 2019 april 30. The windows tool doesn't work but you can install it from the official Microsoft website for free if you really want to try. tested on two computers, none of them work with this.

  6. Hi i have win7 ult. 32 bit now i downloaded win 7 pro. 64 bit and poweriso 32 bit when i try to run and install windows it says that my current windows is not compatible for that version i mean its dumb if i have 64 bit why would i install it again pls help

  7. I'm from Poland I installed this window and everything works thanks for the help I leave Lajka and Subscriptions Translated from Google Translate

  8. Hi i downloaded it but it stays " starting windows " can you tell me how much time it takes? Im waiting it for 3 hours now

  9. It doesn't works anymore. It's showing your PC cannot run this app . Thus I have to install using the bootable usb trick but after all thanks for the link.

  10. hey please i tried your way it works but my pc cannot connect to internet its like my internet card is disabled what should i do please ?

  11. Ultimate : http://getintopc.com/softwares/operating-systems/windows-7-ultimate-download-iso-32-bit-64-bit-official-free/


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