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How To Install Bluestacks 4 with Root and Game Guardian

Learn how to easily install rooted Bluestacks on PC, as well as unlocking premium Bluestacks and installing Game Guardian to hack any android game.

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33 thoughts on “How To Install Bluestacks 4 with Root and Game Guardian

  1. All was going fine till i had to download game guardian, it told me that "the package appears to be corrupt" what do i do??

  2. i had hyper V running and so i had to disabke that and restart to complete changes. bluestacks wont open now. so the point is…


  3. IMPORTANT : If the you still don't have root acces make sure you installed SU binary from the Tweaker , otherwise it won't give root acces .

  4. So after the mistake you made and then patched it again. I did follow every step and so made the same mistake that uou shown. So i did the patch but get "false" result everytime again.

  5. I have a problem… if i download that game guardian it says that it cant be installed bcs its corrupt… and i cant find your version so i have game guardian 87.0

  6. If bluestacks rejects the normal version of game guardian install the the nox version. Cause the original didn’t work for me but the nox did.

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