12 thoughts on “How to play Natures Prophet like an actual good player. Educational [Dota2]

  1. Nature's prophet is one of my favorite heroes! The tree damage has gotten shit over time, but like you said they buffed basilius and a couple other things make him still fun to play. Don't underestimate that 2X treent skill at lvl25. Sometimes situationally really good when the enemy is spread out on the map too much and only has 1 or 2 heroes with good wave clear. Thanks for the great content!!!

  2. How does dota look sooo bad, it actually looks shit, everything looks like low res animation, it looks so fucking sluggish and unresponsive wtf?!

  3. thank you for your educational content, i've just gotten back into dota, specifically the offlane, and it's so nice to be able to learn from your videos!

  4. this guide is so useful! thanks a lot!
    i'm repeating, do you need help with russian subtitles? cuz i think your videos will help russian offlaners(as me, for example) a lot, but many of them just don't have a good knowledge of english, so basically they don't understand what you try to explain lol 🙂

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