27 thoughts on “How to Set 300 DPI in Photoshop

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  3. won't that mess up the print out if you adjust the 72dpi photo into 300dpi and you print it out and it's all blurry though??

  4. That's not DPI. You're describing PPI.
    Probably the reason for the dislikes. I'll add mine
    I'd take down the video and either redo it correctly or let it go

  5. You guys may love his voice but DPI and PPI are not the same. DPI refers to the number of dots printed by a cmyk printer in an inch, and ppi is pixels in one inch as we use in photoshop. So even if you put 300 ppi in photoshop , but when you print ,it may still be low quality cuz the dpi is low. This video is misleading.

  6. PPI and DPI are not the same. This tutorial is WRONG! People should study before they do tutorial: https://99designs.co.uk/blog/tips-en-gb/ppi-vs-dpi-whats-the-difference/ and http://www.graphics.com/article-old/photoshop-fundamentals-changing-image%E2%80%99s-resolution-and-size

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