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HQ Taxi Driving 3D Taxi Game #3 – Android gameplay

HQ Taxi Driving 3D Taxi Game #3 – Android gameplay
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Get ready to get the ultimate excitement and adrenaline rush you have ever experienced with our brand new HQ Taxi Driving 3D Game. Live your life a mile at a time and bring out the inner driver within you. Drive at high speeds without letting the tricky turns get in your way. The passengers are waiting, so get ready and get them to their designated place!

Race your vehicle through the big city traffic, pick up passengers and driving them safely to their destinations, all within the allotted time. Steer your taxi through narrow streets, dodging traffic, using the mini-map functionality, and racing against time to become a pro taxi driver!

Don’t forget that dropping off your passengers safely and on time is your number one priority. Pick up the customers and drop them off at their desired location. Don’t be tardy, and don’t forget to have fun cruising around the city, completing exciting missions. Get accustomed to using your mini-map in order to help you reach your destination. Find the fastest route possible and earn the high score by conserving time!

Time is short, and the journey is long and treacherous, find the right balance of speed and attentiveness!

HQ Taxi Driving 3D Features:

• Reinvented Taxi Driving Missions
• Customizable Controls (Tilt, Steer, or Buttons)
• High Quality Graphics With Realistic 3D City Environments
• Addicting Background Music
• Real Physics-based Gameplay
• Variety of Cars to Choose From
• Brand New Exp System
• Easy & Fun to Play


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