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Hugo – Pa Nye Eventyr (Train Level)

Hugo – Pa Nye Eventyr

Train level gameplay.
The original set Hugo games for children appeared first for the purpose of interactive television in 1990.Soon after it was converted for the Amiga, PC and Commodore 64 computer platforms as Hugo and Hugo 2; since then, there were also Game Boy and PlayStation ports and versions.The games were also known as Hugo the Troll, Hugo – Pa Nye Eventyr and Skærmtrolden Hugo.
Developer(s) ITE Media
Publisher(s) ITE Media
Platform(s) Amiga, Apple, C64, Game Boy, PC, PSX
Release date(s) 1990 – 2002


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28 thoughts on “Hugo – Pa Nye Eventyr (Train Level)

  1. lol i remember that Pc was in my grandpas room he always watched me playing hugo one morning i sawed my uncle and my grandpa playing this

  2. i remmeber playing this on PS1 and god the trains were such a troll when i changed rails the trains would change too jsut to ran over me '-' im not joking that made me so frustrated

  3. Why do people care so much about thumbs up ??? I am posting this coming just to rant and will probably never ever be back here to check so as far as I'm concerned you can you can take that thumb and stick it up your arse.

  4. I remember this game on the show called "bits" in the uk. and all those shoddy Live and kicking style shows. noone was ever good at it!

    violet berlin… mmm

  5. Never heard of this before.
    But i like trains.
    I can't believe I'm enjoying something I never heard of.
    Thumbs up if you same.
    I got here through "train" keyword

  6. @vulk1231 I have it as well, I found it, it's called Hugo-Rubinho, and it's the english version! Even the pc version, Hugo Gold.

  7. Was this also released on the Saturn or any of the consoles of that generation? I definitely remember playing this with game pads in a toy store back in the mid 90's. Could just have been a PC or Amiga hooked up with a game pad though.
    I also remember some kid's TV show where you could call in to play the game, and use the DTMF tones on your phone to control Hugo (which was pretty appropriate since the game uses the numpad numbers rather than the arrows in the QTE style button prompts).

  8. @nicolaj0154 oh, this was pretty long time go, sorry but I really can't remember where did I get the game…but you can download the computer version on thepiratebay just search by "hugo gold".

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