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iOS 13.2.3 – Follow Up

iOS 13.2.3 has been out for a few days. I share my experience on my iPhone X, iPhone XS Max and also share your experience based on the YouTube community poll. I also cover battery life, performance and much more. In this video I cover all of the issues and improvements of iOS 13.2.3. I would expect iOS 13.3 to be released to the public in a week or two. #ios13 #iPhone #apple #ios13 #iPhone

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:29 – My experience and issues
01:24 – LTE, Cellular and WiFi
01:12 – Performance
01:30 – Battery life
02:19 – Your experience and battery
03:08 – Stats
03:47 – YouTube Community Poll
04:06 – Poll statistics
04:36- Your Comments
08:01 – Conclusion
08:21 – Outro
08:41 – End
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44 thoughts on “iOS 13.2.3 – Follow Up

  1. Hey..So I have an iPhone 11 it’s been almost 2 months since I got it..this morning I went to check the battery health and it’s at 99% from 100…I know it’s only 1% but should it be something to be concerned about since it’s only 2 months old? Does that mean it will start to drain faster now?…

  2. For apple ,Battery drain issue is the last option to solve ,for them getting a stable iOS version this year is a big challenge 😂😂😂

  3. In my iPhone 7 there are calling issues 😭😭😭 I can’t hear on my end that is ringing! But when someone’s calling me it is okay.

  4. poor LTE & wifi connection. disconnects from time to time. i am dismayed buying the iphone 11 considering this is my 1st iphone 😔😔😫

  5. That’s weird my GroupMe is fine. And what’s the battery a x at that stage of life is supposed to get? That phone didn’t really have a good battery life to begin with.

  6. Love the wallpaper choice in video! I, along with your wife, have iPhone X and have 98% battery and find this beta to be strong, not great, with battery. 6 hrs screen on time with 20% battery left, on Saturday.

  7. Good review as usual
    You know best thing in apple store they fail to replace my battery so for my best luck they replace all device for me and give new one hahaha

  8. There’s an issue in notification as the volume of playing video or YouTube or the voice calls gets low as there is any notification and remains small untill we don’t press the volume up button. does anyone has this problem ?

  9. Im just chilling with my 13.1.3 on my 11 pro lol i came back to iphone after 5 years and it has been a disappointment so far.

  10. I can fully agree on that battery thing! Worst battery life of all iOS versions I had. Running an iPhone 8 and now it’s missing at least -1 hour on screen on time and even standby got worse. Usually I lost 2-3% over night, now 5-10% – thought this would change after the OS settling itself, but nope. I was pretty happy with battery life with all versions before 13.2.x

  11. Battery still drains after the update BUT, apps in general are steadier. I am starting to think it is due to the deteriorated battery (Xs bought on December 2018 and battery health is at 91%).

  12. On my Iphone 7 plus, when I’m on Bluetooth headset (plantronic). While typing a message or when I receive whatapp the volume bar shows up and hides so annoying the worst part is the volume bar is automatically moves to full. Wonder if I can record and share it

  13. iPhone XS Max has been doing great on speed, RAM management, and battery

    Edit: My AirPods Pro I got yesterday have been acting up and it’s very frustrating, not sure if this is the AirPods fault or my iPhone’s fault, but noise cancellation will stop working or only work on one ear even though that’s not supposed to be possible, the AirPods will also refuse to connect to my phone, and other similar issues. Very frustrating as these are a day old and for $250, should not have any problems.

  14. Emails take a long time load up. When i reopen my email, it must download and repopulate my emails every single time. iPhone 6S plus.

  15. Siri changed so badly and working so bad compared with iOS 12 and I hate this iOS so much for so many similar issues !!!!!

  16. Love your videos. Thanks for taking the time to update all your followers.
    I’ve noticed increase battery drain on both my XR and iPad Air 2 with this update.
    Take care of yourself and get some rest.

  17. iPhone X. iOS 13.2.3.

    Still unable to search notes. No matter which letter I begin with, the entire search field turns blank.

    Problems with Mail, too. Unable to send mail from my iCloud account. Lots of odd behaviour.

    When Siri reads a web page, she occasionally stops before finishing. Very annoying.

    I experienced none of these issues with iOS 13.0.

  18. My iPhone 6s is experiencing battery drains dramatically where it'll stay on a certain percentage for a while and then drop drastically. eg 54%-49%

  19. I think that everyone who responds should start with the device that they use. ie. iPhone 11 Pro: yada yada. Get well Zollo!

  20. I don’t know what the reason was, but my XS max hung last night.. i was replying to a whatsapp message from the notifications panel itself and it literally hung for about a minute.. neither the touch nor the power button was responding.. it reset itself after a couple of minutes.. it was really surprising

  21. I’m using a iPhone 11 Pro and I am having bad battery life, my apps freeze and my WiFi connectivity is spotty. Really disappointed since 13.2.

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