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Is BaseMap GREATER THAN On X?? — Hunting App Review

We have put these two apps to the test and can say that BaseMap is a better fit for us. Check out why we use BaseMap and how you can save a little on the best hunting app on the market. Own the outdoors! Make sure to put in promo code LIMITLESS when you get your BaseMap subscription!


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13 thoughts on “Is BaseMap GREATER THAN On X?? — Hunting App Review

  1. I agree on the price since I hunt multiple states. They are adding some new weather items too that are handy and the features you mentioned are nice too. The hi res layer is nice but the topo lines are too hard to read so I go with low res. There are also fishing features which is a plus. My biggest issue is saving a marker and then it is no where near where I put it. Not sure what causes that.

    I have used both HuntStand and Onx before and they all have their good parts.

  2. Thanks for this very informative video. I had planned to get OnX but BaseMap looks like a better fit. Thanks again and safe hunting! God bless!!!

  3. just purchased the app for my phone. Most of my hunting is done for the year already (Washington Archery) but I'll be using it for hikes, scouting looking for new places to shoot long range. Thanks for a good review

  4. A huge thing I feel you forgot to go over is the fact that OnX also shows private property boundaries and ownership info. Not familiar with Base Map if it offers the same technology but that could be a make or break for a lot of folks. Thanks!

  5. Totally agree! I’ve had both apps in the past and I will be using basemap exclusively from now on purely based on cost. I usually try to hunt in at least two different states and I refuse to pay an extra $70 for On-x, which doesn’t work any different than BaseMap.

  6. I have been contemplating this! Thanks for the comparison. I currently use onx and love it but I’ve been having some problems with it lately. All my family and friends also use it. My question is can I share way points with them with basemap like you can when using onx so if I get a downed animal they know where I am? Thanks!

  7. I think you guys just sold me on it! I was about to purchase onx bc I'll be hunting in WY, KS and Arkysaw. Hopefully MT next year!

  8. I have both apps… both work very well… not to worried about the cost… but the imagery is much better with BaseMap… and it's been my experience that BaseMap updates land ownership much faster than On X.

    I find that I'm using BaseMap more and will probably not renew my On X.

    Thanks for the video Justin…

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