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Is the Nikon V1 worth it in 2019? | Review | Josh McGuigan

New video! In this video, I review the Nikon V1, to see if you should still buy it in 2019!

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11 thoughts on “Is the Nikon V1 worth it in 2019? | Review | Josh McGuigan

  1. I've wanted a Nikon 1 ever since I saw Ashton Kutcher in the campaign for it 7 years ago! The V1 is finally cheap enough for me to afford and I'm starting a food blog/Instagram using a used one. I start production in a couple weeks and I'm hoping to have some decent food scene shots from this thing.

  2. Hey i'm glad to hear that. I am going to buy one for 80 bucks but i saw controversial reviews, like complaining that the sensor isn't quite good at night, btw i'm really ok with the fact it's good for street photography which is the main purpose i will use for

  3. I saw this at a camera expo in 2012, and was really impressed with the autofocus and burst mode. I eventually bought an Olympus E-M5 instead, but still think about what enjoyment could have been with the tiny Nikon 1.

  4. Hi Josh, thank you for giving wise tips about this camera, which is both small and inexpensive (nowadays, not true in 2012…). I bought one myself 6 months ago and was surprised how good it is. Coupled with a 6.7 – 13 mm zoom lens (18 to 35 mm equivalent on Full Frame format) it becomes a street photography war machine, requiring just one hand to operate. Video capabilities are also good, making it the perfect companion for traveling light. Only limit of this camera is the mode dial, very much prone to get misplaced while handling the body, resulting in frequent shooting errors whenever a quick shot is needed.

  5. You always give good info in your reviews! Yes good specs on that camera for its age! That mic setup looked impressive!

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