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Islamabad To Lahore | Review of Faisal Movers Business Class Bus Service | RAS Vlog 16

I take Faisal Movers’ Executive Class bus from Islamabad/Rawalpindi to Lahore. This video demonstrates the quality and affordability of travelling comfortably it was overall an amazing experience. 3 h 58 min (361.8 km) via Lahore-Islamabad Motorway/M-2
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25 thoughts on “Islamabad To Lahore | Review of Faisal Movers Business Class Bus Service | RAS Vlog 16

  1. Islamabad highway par tarrfic nhi hai ……india mai toll mai itna tarrfic hota hai kai bar to toll plazz mai 30mn…lag jate hai….

  2. میرے پاس چھوڑا لانیسس ھے کیا اس کمپنی میں ڈرائیور جاں مل سکتی ھے 19 سال سعودی میں ٹریلا اور بس چلا کی آیا ھوں۔۔ 03006471521

  3. Nice video. Please do tell us how to find and book the guest house similar to the one where you stayed. Do you use a website or some other way? Thank you.

  4. This is a really cool video mate! You just gained a subscriber, also, can you subscribe to my channel and shout me out? Really tryna hit 500 sub's! have a great day sir

  5. Bhi check post ni ha driver KO time list daty ha itny time ma ap na kalar kahar cross Karna ha uss sa phaly ki to fine ho ga drangers road ha iss leay driver limat ma gari chaly kalar kahar cross honey k bd b gari stop hoti ha motorway police time list dobara check karty ha k gari jaldi to ni ayi

  6. Hello nice video,could you or someone answer my few of the questions please.
    1- Is there any sat nav people can use on Pakistan roads to navigate? , if there is one what is the name of it?
    2- Is there a sat nav app which people can use to navigate? If there is on what is the name of it?
    I’m from Gujranwala and thinking to drive around Gujranwala,Lahore, Islamabad when come to see my parents next year, I don’t know the road and I think if Pakistan has a sat nav app that will make driving easy for me.
    I need sat nav / app with voice guidance and turn by turn instructions. Thanks in advance Arfan

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