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#Leg training as hipertrofiar yourtarget muscle! As you already know my favorite training is that of buttock and posterior, because that’s what I want most, which woman doesn’t want to have big and hard buttock ‘.’?? Today’s tip is: if you have any muscle that Feel Disability: focus on it, of greater emphasis on your training to target muscle; feed correctly (people I’m not nurture, please don’t prescribe diet) train always giving your best, with conscience And focus; in other words feel the muscle; don’t rush, make movements with slow rate; with maximum amplitude; focus on execution, and not how long to finish the training;

respect the interval time, you are there to train your body and not your language! don’t perform the exercises in a mechanical or robot way;

don’t train the same muscle group in days in a row, From Rest to grow, and there is no day of quadriceps, another posterior, another buttock, everything is lowermember! takethati hour of your training to give your best, and not just to ” fulfill the mission ” the final is not because you went to the academy ” pretended you trained ” that will have results! I know many people who say “workout” for years and have no results, you know because Because “Malham”, instead of training, because who really trains gets resuIts! . and you, I want to know,

what muscle do you want the most? And talk here if you knit or train? U tag your friends for these tips 12,! the leg training was with a little more emphasis on buttock and posterior 8 Training 1 LJAFUNDO ON BENCH 4 X 12 Rep 2 JBULGARO FOOT ON BENCH 4 x 12 3 LjBOM DAY + Squats 3 x 15 4 dStiff + SUMO 3 x15 5 L_jMESA Set 6/8/10 rep in a

row / 3 series #treinogluteos #treino #treino #maromba

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