47 thoughts on “Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming Laptop Review

  1. While it was possible to change between two performance modes with the FN+Q shortcut, I've only tested with the better of the two, as the quieter mode was even more restrictive. Additionally the option to swap between these modes was not in the Lenovo Vantage software (as far as I can see).

  2. I am a student who likes gaming(not too heavy) , want to learn 3D software which uses graphic card extensively and want to do my college project work and stuff needing a decent battery. Should I buy this or Lenovo legion y540?

  3. Hi, thank u for the review 🙏
    Im not expert about laptop honestly. Does this laptop good also for editing video ??? Please answer 🍁🍁🍁

  4. Hi sir, I am torn between the ideapad L340, Asus X412FL-FI871T, and Asus UX433FN-A6024T. If it is not much to ask, can you shed some light which is best for me.

    I will be using the laptop for Video editing and a little bit of gaming. Thanks!!!

  5. I am not sure If this is normal….. But when playing Apex Legends with low settings and capped fps at 60 my CPU temps go around 80 degree Celsius (and sometimes even higher). Even sometimes all the way up to 90, I am not sure if this is normal? I feel as if that temp is way to high while playing apex at minimum settings.

    Do keep in mind
    – don't have it on a cooling pad (it was on a flat desk while testing this)
    – tested with HWMonitor running during Apex Legends was on
    – Haven't undervotled the CPU (Not sure what to undervolt it to)

  6. I got this laptop… BUT

    Does your laptop ever randomly heat up and turn its fan on for like 1-minutes and then stop? Like all I had open was like 13 chrome tabs, spottily and discord . (I've had it for like 3-4 days and its done this twice)… Kinda odd, and I know its the CPU because when I checked the CPU reached about 70 degrees Celsius and the cpu speed was around 4ghz but the usage was around 30-60 percent.

    Kinda odd, not sure what would cause this.

  7. There is an error in the test. You should perform a control test between the cooling pad and the simple cradle.

    Because even a simple holder may eliminate thermal throttling.

  8. Lenovo Y530 or Lenovo IdeaPad L340?? I'm an artist. Or do you have another laptop around this pricerange that you'd reccommend?

  9. I’m really sad how low your views and subscribers have gotten, but I really think that you should deserve more of those. But you’re doing a great job 👍 😃

  10. Hi Jarrod , im looking for a laptop mainly for coding like Visual Studio and Java Netbeans , and also to play games but only for refreshing like Dota maybe , is this laptop suits my criteria??

  11. Still can't decide which laptop should I get for under 1000 dollars. Main purpose is for rendering videos. So far, my top pick is Dell G3. I'd really appreciate the help.

  12. I just bought the i5-9300H + GTX 1050. I haven't played any game yet, but till now with web site edition the laptop hadn't had any problem or lag. Any game recomendation?

  13. Y530 i5 8300H 16GB(2×8) gtx1050
    L340 i5 9300H 8GB(2×4) gtx1650
    Which laptop would you recommend to play Battleground?
    And why does the battery last longer than the Y530 product?

  14. I'm disappointed to have bought this laptop because a noise sound comes from it, like a coil whine sound, is it normal? this sound decreases when I set Maximum power save

  15. Hi,, can you please do a comparison between the i5 variants of Ideapad L340 Gaming and Dell G3 3590? Right now they cost the same for exactly the same specs in Germany, and both have a blue theme design, so a final comparison would be great.

  16. Hi, I'm a graphic designer, do you think it will help me rendering and editing videos.
    I ordered it today, hopefully you give me an answer soon to cancel or not.

  17. Lenovo legion y530 with
    Core i7 8750H
    Gtx 1050ti
    1 tb hdd +128 ssd
    Or the ideapad l340 or dell g3??
    and what is better in performance and cooling?

  18. I bought this same computer but when I right click is slow, I watched many tutorial in YouTube but still it’s slow… Any Suggestions?

  19. People here are complaining about lack of things I dont even know of. I just play the Sims 3 and want to play Planet Zoo once it comes out, i think this laptop would be just fine for me haha

  20. I am looking for gaming laptop to buy on black friday or whnever and i was wodering should i choose lenovo ideapad L340 or notebook hp pavilion gaming 15. need help! And great video.

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