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Lenovo IdeaPad S340 15” Laptop Review – Less Than $500?

The Lenovo IdeaPad S340 is a cheaper laptop that can often be picked up for under $500, so let’s find out just what we’re getting for the price in this detailed review to help you decide if it’s a laptop you should consider.

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Exact config used in this review – Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15IWL:

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33 thoughts on “Lenovo IdeaPad S340 15” Laptop Review – Less Than $500?

  1. hello Jarrod if you have a sample to make an another laptop video U series + iGPU (in intel or especially AMD) because i'm intrested when the Ryzen Zen 2 4000M came out of course if you have the sample 😁😁

  2. You should get the Ryzen 5 3500U variant with FHD display! That's way below $500 ($410-$430) now for Black Friday!

    I'm considering to buy one!

  3. Why their battery design are the same??,they cant copy others.
    This will provide them more space to put additional feature or port

  4. Bhai very nice review as always. Very nice budget laptop 🙂 and bhai please tell me your take on AHCI vs RST mode in BIOS menu

  5. Hey, Jarrodstech. If u want a cheap but decent laptop for gaming and light work, try the lenovo ideapad 530s with the mx gpu and 1440p screen. I use this myself and its great

  6. Rather spend my 500 on a laptop with a gaming GPU on eBay just got the sake of being the first person to take it out the box

  7. 768p seems just too 2010. Anyway I love the design

    I am taking my opportunity in this black friday.

    I have the option between 2 laptops, a medion p erazer with a 1050ti 4gb for 599, or acer predator with almost the same configuration and a 1060 6gb video card for 799.

    Are those 200 euros enough to justify the upgrade?


  8. Can u pls do a review for msi gf63 : i5 9th gen,1650 maxq gpu. the same way u did for this .
    Seems nice .
    U have done a really great job.
    It was the best detailed review ever I have seen for a 💻

  9. Jarrod, I noticed on assassin's Creed oddesay the Helios 300 2019 runs cooler running Assassin's Creed oddesay than dauntless does even though oddesay is set to very high settings and sits around 60-70 average and dauntless runs around 110-130fps maxed out. I find this very weird because people apparently state that higher framerate will make it run hotter and limiting it to 60 will make it cooler. What's your say on this? I've hit 90 degrees on the CPU while playing dauntless and it got me worried even though its winter and laptop was sitting elevated on a cooling pad.

    But running stress tests don't push the CPU nearly as much, still makes me wonder if my unit came with bad thermal compound or something?

  10. Can you please review the Asus zephyrus M Gu502 ?
    I think the performance and battery life should have increased from the last gen models.

  11. bro kindly suggest me the cheapest RTX 2060 laptop that can literally run any games without any lags , good thermals and 120hz screen under 1000$ or slightly higher i plan on buying next year

  12. not worth the $500… you can pick up a used gaming laptop with a 1050 ti and 1080p display and i7 cpu for $500 easily here in Canada, especially in America would be cheaper. or invest the extra $200 approx for $750-850 laptop and buy a brand new unit that runs 100x better.

  13. Hey Jarrod, can you make a dedicated video to the best Black Friday gaming laptop deals ? Would be very interesting to know your opinion about different options available!

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