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lg g6 review khmer – phone in cambodia – lg g6 price – lg g6 specs – for sale

In this video show you about lg g6 review khme.
Price is 110$
LG is the big company that sell smart phone in cambodia.
they have a lot of smartphone and the people in cambodia love their mobile phone and in this channel shows all the smartphone
and you can find smart phone in khmer shop or cambodia shop.
before product each smartphone LG always think about the quality of smart phone
like a battery, camera, price, color full and other…
For cambodia especially is the price because people is poor and the rich is a little.

and this is all lg g6 specs.

Model lg g6 white color korea 99%

Price 110$
SIM Dual
OS Andriod 7.0 up 8.0
CPU Snapdragon 821
Screen 5.7inch IPS LCD
Resolution QHD+
ROM 64Gb
Rear Camera Dual
Front Camera Single
Battery 3300mAh
Sensor FingerPrint

Condition and Disclaimer
We do not guarantee that this review or this information is 100% correct.

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19 thoughts on “lg g6 review khmer – phone in cambodia – lg g6 price – lg g6 specs – for sale

  1. បងរបស់ខ្ញុំដក sd card ចេញហើយដាក់សុីមទី2ចូលអត់ឃើញលោតសេវាចឹងបង ឃើញតែសុីមមួយ តើត្រូវបើកមុខងារអីនៅម៉ាសីុនអត់បង?

  2. បងនិយាយពីតំលៃទូរស័ព្ធ១ទឹក តើជាតំលៃរបស់ក្រុមហ៊ុនឬជាតំលៃរបស់មិនមែនក្រុមហ៊ុន

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