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LG V50 Dual Screen Case: TWO screens in one! -OR- Why I still don’t want a folding phone!

It wouldn’t be an LG review without some bizarre regional issues. Phones that get features in some places, but are removed in other places. The V50 continues that proud tradition with one of the signature accessories for the phone. Living with the second screen case for a week, was this a deal breaker omission? Has it changed my opinion of folding phones? Let’s take it for a spin…
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44 thoughts on “LG V50 Dual Screen Case: TWO screens in one! -OR- Why I still don’t want a folding phone!

  1. Are you getting the LG G8X with the dual screen? Also shout out to the OG kyocera Echo dual screen phone from 2011 the flopped but was way ahead of it's time.

  2. Soooo…not only is a great accessory for the V50 (the dual display) not being sold in the US, but the carrier version of the V50 physically CAN’T support it either?!?

    By denying consumers features and accessories available elsewhere, and for no discernible reason, LG is putting off people from buying their products. Take the LG G8 for example – I still don’t get why the G8 had a triple camera setup in some countries, but only a dual camera setup everywhere else.

    Or Is LG TRYING to tank it’s mobile decision?

  3. in the 1970s my dad worked at a small company in korea called goldstar.
    we moved overseas but since then goldstar became lucky goldstar
    then it renamed to LG…sigh

  4. Props to LG for at least trying something a little different. Of course they had to ruin the marketing/rollout of the phone, but that’s par for the course.

  5. That's weird. The display isn't using the pogo-pins for data transfer (should be only for power, doubt that it can pass audio either).
    Ideally it wouldn't be using some ROM dependent change and would be usable with other devices. But Google is also helping out to prevent such nice stuff

  6. We love and appreciate you LG but please come to the West more and the Americas with your reliable tech and phones. Great video(s) sir

  7. U Don't Like Or Fancy The Foldable Phone Concept Anymore As I Did A Few Years Ago…Bit This Is An Exception…A Giant Modern Day Flip Phone…

  8. How Time Flies…Hard To Believe It's Been A Few Years Or So Now Since The LG V10 Was My Dream Phone…Now The Absolutely Splendid LG V50 Is My New Dream Phone… Although I'm Also Considering The LG V30/V30+ ThinQ Or The LG V35 ThinQ…

  9. Lg marketing is terrible why not bring this version to the states I like it because you can remove the second screen I really like this take instead of the Galaxy fold but since this isn't the case I would get the Galaxy fold

  10. Yes, LG has a problem with their worldwide distribution. Also with many other models like the G8. It is not available here in Germany, only the G8S. But that one is too bulky for me, I want the G8 without S. I could get one from the UK for about the double price of a G8S!?!. Or I could do a risky import from Asia and not having the same LTE frequencies. They messed it up again, same as with the G6 where only some regions get wireless charging, some other get quad-dac, but no wireless charging etc.
    So for me it will be the S10, though I would prefer a G8.

  11. I like the look and protection that second display brings. This might be my favorite dual display setup. Thanks for posting Juan! Very few people have an appreciation for LG these days.

  12. Jokes on you. Europe didn't even get the g8, let alone the v50 and its accessories. Instead we got the g8s, a g8 with a worse display that is being sold for $800, which is as expensive as a s10+ or more expensive than a p30 pro. I don't get their strategy in Europe at all. The only phones that lg sold with specs as good as the us, were part of the v series. All the g series phones had cut corners everywhere.

  13. LG makes one of the best phones and the best part is they focus on some of the niche aspect of phones. God knows why they fail miserably in marketing their phone and the miles of red tape a cunsumer needs to understand before they can buy one.

  14. If they can find a way to connect to an external monitor wirelessly… With a full OS experience…. That might disrupt some things. One device to do it all. Whether it be a phone, tablet or tablet-phone? Idk?

  15. Here is my input into this discussion (why do you say conversation when it is a discussion?). I think it is a nice practical way of adding extra screen space now in 2019. I am not in the US and so probably could get one if I looked hard enough but for that price? My need is not big enough. I have PCs and laptops on hand. I have a tablet but that is in a drawer, hardly used. I think the role of the tablet is a good discussion to have. It seems like only parents wishing to keep their kids quiet are buying tablets….? It is quicker for me to use my small screen smartphone than reach for my probably not charged, old and slow tablet. But tablets might be killed in the future by folding phones. When the tech is right, which could be a very long time in the future. Anyhow, LG have made an interesting product here. Thanks for the video Some Gadget Guy 🙂

  16. If it guarantees durability and has killer features like taking advantage of split screen,picture in picture then it will be a big hit.

    Aside from the 4000 mah battery and the extra screen they didn't make big changes.The question I should ask is how thick it will be when you put it in your pocket.

    This second screen could have many uses like you have fullscreen YouTube,subtitles on one screen and options, comments and tabs on the second screen.In gaming the first screen the first screen could display HUD,characters and bigger space for player,enemies and bigger arena and second screen could be touchscreen controller and they could take notes from rog phone 2 and Razer phone 2.

    This is somewhat disappointing.Phone makers add features but don't know how to take advantage of it.
    Its always cameras,display,designs that get the most attention and features while companies like lg ,sony and pixel try to think outside the box.

    Good review.V50 didn't get as much attention from you like the V40.You were late to the party.Now here's me hoping that people don't act like it doesn't exist.Except unbox therapy every other v50 vid has such a low viewer ship.And I request you to give attention to rog phone 2 as well.

  17. LG has an event on Sept 6th. They are teasing same concept in video. I m guessing they will add more functionality to it and bring it to other markets.

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