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The Logitech G915 Lightspeed aims to be the best gaming keyboard released in 2019. It uses Logitech’s new GL low profile switches and wireless Lightspeed technology. But is it really that much of an improvement over the Logitech G815 and how does it handle gaming?

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38 thoughts on “Logitech G915 Lightspeed Keyboard Review – Who Would Buy This?

  1. i think also, most ppl who want tkl or smaller form factors build their own or at least want a degree of customizability that logitech does not offer with their proprietary switches

  2. This keyboard would be have been PERFECT, if it didn't have those extra programmable keys or at least they were optionable 😥😥😥

  3. I felt like your bias towards small form factor keyboards was entirely too present in this review. I don't mind the reviewer mentioning personal preference here and the but i felt like this was a gripe fest on your part instead of an unbiased review. Aside from that it was pretty informative. Thank you.

  4. $200 plus keyboard and the switches can break when being gentle. That and the price tag alone are a huge pass for me personally

  5. That price… I'm sticking with my Filco full size, with the Filco tall double shot keycaps, the combination of which is quite economical in comparison.

  6. I don't know, tried it and keycaps are just a bit large (I don't mean height since it's low profile) and there's close to none space between keys which is hard to see here, but kind of ruined it for me. Also they were were "wobbly" compared to normal profile keyboards. Felt very cheap other than the aluminum body.

  7. Honestly would like to buy one as a keyboard to use both home for gaming and work as I use the number pad in 90% of my typing at work the large footprint doesn't bother me and the thin profile would make it a a lot less bulky in my back pack just wish it would come with a hardcase for the price it's $399 in Australia (Same price as a 1660ti)

  8. Logitech should come out with a G715. Remove the G and M custom keys, fix the volume wheel, curve the edges for safety, and reinforce the key stems with a thin pin-like metal.

  9. this keyboard is pure bullshit! I bought mine today and I found out you can't customize all the buttons, but only those few 5 "G" buttons on the left! Srsly 200 buckets for this??? I had a 70$ keyboard which was fully customizable lol! So disappointed!!

  10. It is too expensive, but they are doing what they did with the wireless gaming mice – they are pushing the tech unlike other companies just releasing the same stuff again and again.

  11. Sooo, one of YouTube's most experienced reviewer managed to break a "non pbt cap" but it's extremely sturdy. Logitech reports never happened before. BS.

  12. I love this keyboard. Although I can't afford it. The fact that Logitech is investing in Kailh's low-profile switches ensures these switches' future and hopefully Kailh can now lower the price of these switches so we see more custom keyboards that use them.

  13. 05:40 The 2nd characters ain't illuminated indeed. 🙁 Don't understand this decision. I've actually bought it and this aspect really turned me down. 🙁

  14. Some people is self-forget то making more profit. These keys should be gilded. The price is three times higher than anyone would like to give. I know that there are snobs for which this price is money for seeds. But they would think too. The power of engineering is not to make a product with a higher price, but vice versa.

    This keyboard seems like a cheap junk to me. Better wait for the $ 1000 version. Then I might think.

    Too bad for Logitech = assholes selling high tech junks products. And they was number 1.
    Only the design works.

  15. I bought the Linear and the Clicky and damn near kept both of them because the experience is completely different in the best way. Only gripe other than price is the placement of the G1-G5 keys, it takes some serious getting used to but with that aside, friggin' awesome keyboards.

  16. Love the key caps on this and an absolute pleasure to type with (using the Tactile)… but the Logitech software is simple f**** awful. Also while I have had little issue with my Logitech mouse on light speed connections, the keyboard seems to drop in and out with the color settings being constantly reset or randomized (sometimes it scrolls RGB, sometimes nothing, sometimes its fixed on blue). Have had to store my RGB profile for the mouse and mouse pad on-board, but cant seem to set a permanent color for the keyboard.

  17. honestly for a keyboard wireless makes no sense to me, something else to charge and wired is literally no problem whatsoever the keyboard is mostly stationary and the cable is not an issue, nothing like a mouse. im sure there is a small % of people out there who like take there keybaord to their bed or some shit and pause movies but like come on and just get a cheap bluetooth keyboard and keep it by your bed or something. no thanks

  18. One very interesting thing to notice as I upgraded from a G413 to the G915 is that the latter seldom gets greasy compared to the former
    I'm not sure if they had used different materials for their premium keyboard
    That matters a lot to me since I'm the kinda person who eats in front of the computer but hates using a keyboard cover
    It feels good not having to wipe my keyboard every few hours

  19. I just had a G815 delivered. And after an hour of use, decided to return it.
    It's butt ugly – that blinking flashing rainbow lights thing is So Not My Thing.
    But worse, after just an hour of fairly casual use, my carpal tunnels are Screaming at me. I wasn't even doing anything keyboard heavy, just a bit of social media, commenting on this and that, writing a few notes down while brainstorming. My advice: Try before ordering.

  20. This keyboard is pretty amazing in all areas IMO…. But that f***ing price… $329 Canadian… It's crazy..
    I can afford it, but for a keyboard.. Now if I know it will last me a decade without breaking and battery turning to shit. It could be worth it.
    Especially for me since my setup is a "living room" type setup so a mobile keyboard without using cords is very useful and low profile and all of it I love.

    Quick charge and still with all lights lasting over a week with 8 hours a day.. Without any lights it's like 130 days.. So it's nearly perfect.. I have to think about it..

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