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Logitech MX Master 3 is an amazing desktop wireless mouse with many physical improvements and a new magnetic scroll wheel for all dem infinity-scroll lovers! It’s priced the same as previous Master 2S and this may be the perfect mouse for you, as it is for Eber. Let’s review it!

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Review unit provided free of charge by Logitech. This video is sponsored by Razer. As per Hardware Canucks guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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33 thoughts on “Logitech MX Master 3 Review – I’m Switching!

  1. i rmb my mx master 2s having issues with my 2014 macbook pro 15inch, anyone with the master 3 able to tell me if this issue still persists? this is definitely a long shot lol

  2. Video sponsored by logitech, isn't it?

    This video is pretty similar to the one from "inbox therapy" and his video is 100 % sponsored by logitech, because he didn't even knew what features the 2S have. In contrast, you do, but the direction is roughly identical.

  3. Given most people a dpi of around 1000, and this has a range of up to 4000 dpi, why would this mouse not be good for gaming? Especially if you were to plug it in while gaming if that makes any difference?

  4. I really don't think $100 US, $150, AUD is expensive if you compare it to the G903 Hero Gaming mouse which is $230 AUD. Plus you tend to get what you pay for when buying most things, I would much rather spend more for a product thats going to be fantastic and last a long time than spend little and have a shit product.

  5. I just bought a 2s. And my first was the placement of the forward and backwards buttons. But I've figured it was because I pressed the buttons wrong… Or at least not like the design team intended. When going back you're supposed to push upwards and when going forwards you're supposed to push inwards – without having to move the your thumb from the wheel. I actually like it like that.
    So my only other complaint is that the left and right click are quite loud.

  6. very odd on the gaming aspect..there's very clear results it's great, and I love the "I've switched but it works for me, gaming aspect….lololol" you need to stop being a canuck immediately.

  7. So I bought this for a work computer (has an IGEL modem) and the horizontal scroll wheel won't automatically work for excel unless you download the software to the computer. Since I can't download any software to work computers is there any way to make the horizontal wheel work? It was the main reason I bought the mouse…

  8. I have the master 2s i love him and until he not dying i am not going replace him, also i dont like that you can't see the % and only see bars when you recharge the battery, i think the master 2s more comfortable then master 3s only from looking it. My keyboard is Logitech k830 illuminated and its very comfortable…

  9. I have the original MX Master and really like it. Miss USB-C though and find the scroll wheel quite loud, so might upgrade to the 3 at some point in the future.

  10. G502 Hero had an infinity scroll & I loved it, I used it all the time for web browsing, needing a wireless mouse I had to go back to a G703 which doesn't & I miss it, 6 months after buying mine the G502 Lightspeed was release = Gutted I didn't wait. The new logitech software is always restarting my wireless keyboard & mouse for no reason, glitchy & needs sorting out Logitech.

  11. Anybody know if these support Avid Pro Tools? Looking for some custom shortcuts to help out the workflow with audio editing

  12. Sounds like they are using Hall effect in the scroll wheel, I have that in my gimbals used in my FrSky remote control transmitter which controls my remote control airplane.

  13. Will this mouse work on glass or other clear/reflective surfaces? I have the MX Master (1) and it won't work on the desks at work without a pad underneath

  14. can you rewire the device switch button to something else? Like the button on the top? If you're a multi device user, having to turn the damn mouse upside down every time you have to switch device is pretty darn asinine, especially for a $100 piece.

  15. why can't they give it a sensor that's good for gaming? Is there any technical reason other than "just so that no product is perfect, so they will keep buying future products"??

  16. So the wireless gaming mice from Logitech are still much better for work, too? Because having 2 more buttons than this one on most of them, sometimes even 4 – and all programmable per app/game/software like this one but with a better UI is just no comparison to this one.

    The only bad thing that could be said about the gaming wireless mice is their battery life – but that's due to 1000 singals per second signal rate. You can lower it in their software and save the settings to the mouse et voila – at 250 you easily gain two weeks of battery life instead of 4 days.

    Ontop of all of this you don't have to pay more for the gaming mice – especially considering there are way more sales with gaming products than normal office products. Oh well, the only people who don't benefit from this are people who associate gaming with not being able to use the hardware for work. While it is mostly the other way around only. 🙂

  17. On the MX 2, you're using the back/forward buttons wrong. You just push up with the along the side of the mouse with the side of your thumb to go back and push down for forward. There isn't a need to bend your thumb backwards.

  18. I've owned both the Master MX and MX 2s. I've had 3 of them in total over last ~6 years. The scrollwheel is by far my favourite feature!!! Traditional scrollwheels feels terrible in comparison. I agree that it's not the best for gaming. When I got into Fortnite I bought a razer mouse for that. But for general use I use my MXs all day. They're paired with my PC, Windows Tablet, work Macbook, and work Linux PC so I can easily use any of those. I haven't considered any other mouse since and having just learned about the Master 3 I'm buying it right now, the small improvements look great!

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