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Karak sits down to review Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order for Switch. Help keep ACG running!

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order


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28 thoughts on “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

  1. Team Ninja was a good choice for developer,just wish this one had been multi-platform. Oh well,it's a good fit for the switch! Love those bright colors!

  2. Glad Switch owners have this but I wish this game was on more platforms. I get Nintendo funded this, no misunderstanding there, with this being Marvel (Disney ownership etc.) you'd think that they would've wanted to get this title out to as many potential buyers as possible. BTW, A release since 2009* (MUA 2) 😉

  3. It took ten years for a new StarWars Battlefront to come out and it sucked so bad I haven't even played it, the exact same scenario has occurred with ultimate Alliance and it looks good…I'm dumbfounded!!

  4. I really enjoy it so far. The bad is like you mentioned with the frame drops and dynamic resolution kicking in. It is to be expected with this hardware. The most polished game in the series for sure.

  5. Bullshit switch! When does it come to ps4? Why do they do this?? Just make the game available for all platforms.
    They really don't wanna make sales do they? Lmao have fun losing money.

  6. Unlike other impressions and reviews I've seen, you gave us enough information of the depth the game has rather than basically complaining that it's an RPG that has grind. Much of which was glossed over by the ones I've seen which was annoying because it's something that I enjoy. I'll keep this on my list of games to grab when I buy a Switch, currently waiting for that new model that's coming out.

  7. You're way too lenient on the camera. Especially in couch co-op it's the source of many deaths and frustration. This is a wait until they patch it sort of thing.

  8. Honestly a throw away popularity movie cash grab beat 'em up not worth the $60 price tag with the $20 cut content bundle.
    Still might be fun on a sale or discount.

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