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Minecraft Building Tutorial : How to build Medieval Town Decorations

Medieval Town Decorations Tutorial

Thank you for watching, and if you want to see more guides check out the minecraft hammer youtube channel!

Planet Minecraft :

Texture Pack: Faithfull 32×32 / Default 16×16

Music: Night Runner by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


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44 thoughts on “Minecraft Building Tutorial : How to build Medieval Town Decorations

  1. Can you slow down like tell how much blocks you place and stuff like your making to it toooooo fast pausing does not work

  2. Wow Some of these comments are really rude I mean I know why your saying it but he’s just trying to make the video more interesting

  3. Why is everyone shitting on him for his "intense sounding video". He's sharing his builds for us, show some respect.

    Anyway, well done, great ideas!

  4. Hummm this command IS for – 1.12 .
    The command for 1.12+ is :

    /give @p player_head + more description is similar

  5. Read with him voice:

    "In this summer (dramatic pause with a epic scene) a man in creative mode (another one dramatic pause with a epic scene) Will Build some MEDIEVAL…TOWN…DECORATIONS!!!! (SPECIAL EFFECTS) YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! (Won't fooled again scream).

    thank you

  6. it sounds very dramatic lol no offence but good builds I like them outdated though but for when the video was made its very good

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