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Minecraft, but Lava Rises Every Minute (ft. Jschlatt)

I played Minecraft with Jschlatt, every minute lava rises by one block. I spend most of it anxious.

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Edited: Yours truly

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Kevin Macleod – Incompetech


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46 thoughts on “Minecraft, but Lava Rises Every Minute (ft. Jschlatt)

  1. I'm a little disappointed Wilbur never got a bow and just shot Schlatt, would have been over quickly but it would have been funny

  2. all these videos are like movies and i love them, schlatt is like the villain who just doesnt care and then wilbur is the guy trying to save the world

  3. The image of the lava sea slowly descending onto Jonathon "Ladderman" Schlatt was fittingly terrifying and terrifyingly fitting.

  4. So here's my theory, Wilbur and Schlatt are friends but on the event in which the water level rises their interest on each other did so as well.

    Wilbur dies on the first trial and Schlatt is left alone without anyone.

    Then somehow, after how many years, Wilbur comes back with a challenge, but now, Schlatt is a changed man, and is now addicted to dried kelp.
    Wilbur tries to knock some sense into him but he turns delusional, thinking that the fire is still.

    Schlatt is now, not like himself, and on the event in which the lava rises more, he yearns for one more piece of iron.
    Wilbur wanting his comrade to not get hurt by the lava, he summoned one for him, not knowing that Schlatt was already set on betraying him.

    Schlatt has one of his delusions again, thinking that Wilbur wanted a 50% share of his non-existent company, and betrays Wilbur, and on the long run ending up killing wilbur by pushing him to the lava.

    Schlatt is now the ladderman and now has gained his immortality through cheating and has now became a god of his world.
    This is not the last time we will hear of Schlatt as a cheat god, as he will come back to wreck terror to three young men by luring them with apples.

    what am I doing with my life?

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