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Minecraft – EPIC MEDIEVAL CITY! (Map Download)

Minecraft – EPIC MEDIEVAL CITY! (Map Download)
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28 thoughts on “Minecraft – EPIC MEDIEVAL CITY! (Map Download)

  1. I might delete this comment if it does not match the video sincce I wasn't using volume. But I like how you (or whoever built it if not you) build this city. Using a mix of wood, stone, maybe terracotta, and materials that makes the houses with a barbaric touch all on the roads like a mess. The castle is large but with rooth based-floor so there would be large space outside for fresh air. Lots of churches and some Roman reference with the aqueduct and ruins of white concrete they used. Love it!

  2. This is pretty and all but what is the point if there is no functionality? Do you role play? I am trying to understand Minecraft.

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