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Minecraft Timelapse | Medieval Town and Port

Welcome everyone, to a brand new Minecraft Timelapse! Today we will be building a medieval town with a port, we could also extend this build into a mountain village as we have plenty of large hills behind the town. I would also like to thank everyone for the amazing support on the channel, you are all awesome!

Thank you so much for watching, hopefully i’ll see you on the next episode!! Give that LIKE button some love!!!

⭐This build will be available on my patreon, this helps support my channel, and makes sure my builds aren’t getting stolen and re-uploaded 🙂

► World Seed: -2249651280366927556
► Coordinates: X= -2391 Z=770

► JermsyBoy’s Texture Pack:
► JermsyBoy’s Better Leaves (Texture Pack Add-on):
► JermsyBoy’s Custom Mobs (Texture Pack Add-on):



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Intro/Outro Music By No Copyright Sounds
► Marin Hoxha – Endless


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30 thoughts on “Minecraft Timelapse | Medieval Town and Port

  1. Any chance that you’ve done singular tutorials on these houses? I’m making my own type build (it sucks lol) and houses are my weakness.

  2. You had me hooked until you added those generic looking Minecraft style roofs. The harbour looked modern. The houses looked like Lord of the rings.

  3. I love this port, it's so pretty 😀 i wish i could build like that, guess imma stay happy with my square house hah

  4. You could make small storage rooms underneath the pathway of the village. Behind the small stalls, where you have now filled it in with spruce wood 🙂

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