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MJX X103W – GPS Drone With LED Landing Lights – Under 250 grams

If you saw this drone in a store, you’d think it cost more than it does. Great drone and great controller. You can find it on sale right now at TomTOP: Use the COUPON CODE to save $20.

GoPro Hat:
Square Landing Pad SMALL:
STUDIO UNBOXING CAMERA: Panasonic 4K Camcorder:
STUDIO LIGHTING: Studio Softbox:

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47 thoughts on “MJX X103W – GPS Drone With LED Landing Lights – Under 250 grams

  1. I Love That The Chinese Are Making Higher End Technology Just As Good As The People They Stole The Intellectual Property From And Providing It To The Consumers For Half The Price……..I Suppose That Sums Up Why Theres A Tariff Wars…

    Fuck You Tariffs, Give Me Shit I Can Afford. 😂😂

  2. This drone is out of stock and they don’t know when it will be back. Do you have suggestion for another light drone like this one? e The Bugs 4w is a big jump. Tx.
    Sure hope your eye is better. I’ve had 2 eye surgeries on my cornea so I sure can relate.

  3. Hi Capt…love your review. Its so fun to watch the way you testing all those drones. Keep up the good job. Me from Malaysia.😊

  4. Would you be able to give me an idea of how long it takes TOMTOP to deliver to the east coast of the United States? I ordered the drone a little over two weeks ago and have the USPS tracking number, but it looks like it hasn't arrived in the States yet. Maybe I'm just too excited to get it. Thank you!

  5. Between x103w and z5… Which one is better?… I noticed that x103w video quite shaking compare to z5… And which one is more stable?… Tq captain

  6. Hi Captain, great review on X103w drone.
    Actually I just got mine today. Try my first flight, and find out that the drone is unable to hover at the same location even without wind and GPS On. Are there any thing I miss out for the setup? I already follow all your instruction in the video.

  7. I’m in Mex so think I will order this drone to stay under the 250 g limit. Thanks
    What is the name of the similar drone with brushless motors you said you would be reviewing? I couldn’t quite understand you. I think Pro something. Tks again.

  8. I noticed that there are a couple of reviews on Youtube saying that there have been issues with the X103W including flyaways. Is this correct, have you or anyone else had any problems with it? It looks like a great drone for the price.

  9. but if you look from the top view both of them, little bit different. Anyway if you say so, it must be right than, 'cause you"re drones expert. thank you very much for your reply.

  10. I look for your videos I'm looking to buy a drone you explain thing's in a way us that don't have a clue can understand and decide what drone to purchase 👍
    I'm swaying towards the x11

  11. I love the reviews CAPTAIN! I just purchased this as my FIRST drone. I ordered through TOMTOP but the coupon code was expired. It was still a very good price…$109 with 3 batteries. I searched for the X103W on the MJX website, but was unable to find it. Is there a good resource for support, i.e parts and accessories?

  12. I just received a X103W and it is the worst flyer with the worst video of all of the UAVs we have used and tested. The terrible results were surprising because our B4W works well except for the poor video quality. This is going back for a refund or credit towards another B4W. This was of interest because it weighs less than 250g , has electronic cam tilting and landing/search lights. If you are considering the 103W just pay a little more and get the B4W or a DJI UAV.

  13. A BIG downside: This drone limits your altitude to 260 feet, Why would they do this when the (U.S.) altitude limit is 400 feet. If you bought a drone to get aerial photos, this is a POOR choice.

    The upside: Flying within the hour after sunset, the bright "landing light" is a VERY eerie sight. You will have many people swearing that they saw a UFO. : )

  14. Captain, went ahead and purchased the X103w from Banggood based on yours and other recommendations. To say that I am TOTALLY disappointed with the purchase is an understatement. I like the size/weight and the finish of the drone is nice but the drone can't seem to fly in the lightest of winds. I have not had a single successful flight in GPS mode. As in the RC Saylors and JD quad videos the drone is prone to a upset wobble and loss of control (not 100% sure why but suspect that the control algorithm for recovery after an disturbance/upset is incorrect. The controller gains have to be adjusted by MJX). Can break the unstable wobble by quickly switching out of GPS mode, manually regain control and putting back in GPS mode. Only successful flights have been hovering indoors either in GPS mode (zero satellites) or Gesture Mode (totally manual control). I would note that Yaw gain is very high and control is sensitive while the other control functions are dead or dampened. Have had outdoor flights where control input did not give any response.

    Video is poor (major jello effect – could be props or brushed motors with no camera stabilizer) but still pics are OK (high shutter speed). Tried Point of Interest mode with total failure. Drone started circling, wandered off, lost control and wobbled to the ground. RTH = Rise to High Altitude (not sure if this feature works as advertised return to home). Will play with it some more but based on my experience I would rate this drone as a ZERO out of five. I would not recommend to anyone and in my case, not worth returning to Banggood.

    Wonder if the SJRC Z5 has similar problems.

  15. Hi Captain, just wondering if you have any ideas as to why you had a good experience with this drone but the RC Saylors experienced lots of wobble and toilet bowling on theirs? Is it purely a matter of trying to fly a small drone in conditions that are too windy? Found a deal for one of these for $100AUD and keen to give it a go!

  16. Hi Captain… Now I do realized that MJX X10W is also a bug that does a tree trimming. Hehehe. I've been following your vids since last week, and I do enjoy your reviews. I've just purchased the other version of this just this afternoon. I can't find the MX version here in the Philippines. Can you do the how to operate in a non GPS areas? Thanks.

  17. Good morning captain, it's Joey, have to say I love your reviews , but I did make a purchase on this X103 and I am very disappointed the Drone wobbles like crazy when you try to climb out, and the jello is beyond ridiculous because of the brushed motors I am really upset that I made a purchase on this drone and of course now there's no way to return it because it's from China. Perhaps I was expecting too much

  18. I just rec'd my x103w, flys great. How the heck do I get it to load my local map? It's just a blank screen.

    Thanks for the review!

  19. Good morning Captain Drone… hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July, ? By any chance do you know what the return policy for Tomtop is? Do they make you pay for shipping back to China? Or when you call up do you get a return authorization, and then you're able to print out a return shipping label similar to Amazon? Tks. As always in advance… Joe

  20. I'm new to droning and i am watching your vlogs before i buy one i like this one and i have a question one thing i want to be able to video is shots of my family going along on our boat on the Norfolk Broads yes i'm in the UK so if i take the drone off from the roof of my boat and then get it to follow me say for a 200 yards how do i then get it to land back on the boat roof???

  21. Hi, this quad worked fine until it BURNT !!! Now @banggood tells me to « return the item at my expense as i’m not satisfied »

    If you want this quad, choose carefully where you buy it…

  22. Good afternoon Captain drone! I have a question, a lot of people on YouTube are reviewing this particular drone from mjx, and they're saying that the camera is very very bad! In your opinion, would you say that the camera on this particular drone is just about on par with the mjx bugs 5w which I also have? Or, would you say that the camera is not that good compared to the bugs 5w? As always thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to our wonderful Hobby and I will speak to you soon. Joey

  23. Good morning Captain Big Joe from New York again, I actually just picked up this drone based on your review. I really dig The Landing lights! Like I mentioned previously I already have the mjx bugs 5W. So I thought this would be a nice addition! …. thank you again for your great reviews and your honesty.

  24. Looks like a nice relatively inexpensive drone given all the features….So I like the price with your coupon but I'm hesitant to purchase any drone with brushed motors. I purchased a Hubsan X4 Desire Pro recently (w/Brushled "coreless" motors) and 1 of the engines burned out in just 8 flights.
    Is that what one should expect with Brushed motors? What has your experience been with brushed motors (e.g., how long do they last)? I realize that you can always replace the engines but who wants to do that every 8 flights. Maybe I got a lemon engine..but still. Thoughts?

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