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Model Railroading in Austria: Discover the beauty of the alpine landscape on a model train

Many of you know that the world’s largest model railroad layout is located in Germany. That exhibition is called “Miniature Wonderland”. Inside this permanent model train exhibition many countries, for example, America, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Austria are presented on HO scale layouts. In this video we are going to discover the section of Austria. This section was one of the first model railroad layouts inside the “Miniature Wonderland” to be built. It was opened in August 2001 and has a size of about 60 m².

You will discover a little winter wonderland and the beauty of the Austrian countryside. It is high winter season in Miniature Austria. On the ski slopes, the skiers glide elegantly down the mountains. The mood is jolly, children have a snowball fight and build a snow man. In the background, a gondola lift transports skiers to the mountain peak, and passengers wait for departure in the blue cog railroad, a steam locomotive class 91.

At the St. Wendel train station you will observe the passengers on the platform, as well as those already seated in the passing model trains. In Miniature Austria, there is also a bike race. The cyclists struggle on the mountain stage, some riders have fallen on the bend, other cyclists are fed up with the strenuous effort and decided to make a break.


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24 thoughts on “Model Railroading in Austria: Discover the beauty of the alpine landscape on a model train

  1. My family make fun of me for watching these videos. The reason why I like them is not so much for the trains, its because I admire the work that goes into the dioramas.

  2. Si en ese lugar hay gente trabajando mejor dicho cobrando un sueldo es el mejor trabajo que hay en el planeta, muuuy bueno en mi pais se perdio mucho de todo eso los felicito

  3. The ability to turn night into day, and signals that drop from clear to stop make this section of the layout very impressive 🙂

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